Amazon Journey

Be dazzled by this jewel of an Amazon adventure

To get to the Amazon Basin we first arrive to Iquitos and then we proceed to Nauta approx.1hr and 30 min. by bus, to our port of embarkation. We check-in and board the “Amatista” and start navigating the Marañon River down to the Amazon, to the Yanayacu of Yacapana Reserve visiting the canopy walkway in the Yarapa River Reserve.  Finally, we sail up the Amazon into the Ucayali River where the Butterfly farm is located, continue to Nauta Caño creek, Pucate and Yanayacu River and more.

We will explore the Pacaya and Samiria National Reserve up the Marañon river and its tributaries. You will also visit local villages to gain an insight into the traditional way of life of the ribereños guided by our knowledgeable naturalists guides who have outstanding experience in wildlife and life in the remote villages. Jungle Experiences keeps a close relationship with the villages and always committed to their social development.

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