Boat Excursions

In search of the Dolphin

Dolphins in a river. Gray and pink dolphins.  Friendly, strangers, spectacular, legendary. They are always there, is a matter of being attentive and wide eyes open. They come to the surface for air, then, you – from one of the comfortable boats of the Amatista – will be a privileged witness of a magnificent natural show.

Also known as boto cor-de-rosa, boto vermelho, bouto, bufeo, the Amazon River pink dolphins are unique. In jungle communities, they are the character of several myths and legends from oral tradition. And, how not be, as their only presence awakes amazement and admiration. You will live and feel this experience, on a morning adventure by Amazonian waters mirrors of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

While waiting, enjoy a delicious breakfast during the journey. So, full of energy and enthusiasm, be delighted observing these fabulous creatures.

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