San Martín of Tipishca: A Community In The Jungle

The Amazon Jungle is a place that hides different kinds of mysteries and myths that have been cultivated throughout the years by all communities. Among these communities, we can find a community that receives a lot of tourists throughout the year who want to disconnect from the world and appreciate the beauty of the jungle.

We are talking about San Martín of Tipishca, a community that can be found deep in the Pacaya Samiria Natural Reserve. Pacaya Samiria is also known as the Jungle of Mirrors due to the black color of its waters make all fauna reflect perfectly, giving a unique sensation of infinite mirrors.

In Jungle Experiences, we offer cruise packages in which we make stops in San Martín of Tipishca. Here you will be received by a warm welcome from the locals. In order to be able to communicate effectively with them, we have a guide who will be an interpreter for us.

Visiting the community gives us an excellent opportunity to acquire local crafts: from painted coconuts to jewelry made of seeds.

This is a place of various beliefs. For example, we can hear tales about dolphins and other animals. There is a story of a member of the community that was spotted escaping with dolphins towards the lagoon while his skin was turning slippery while getting in the water, thereby completing his metamorphosis.

As we can see, San Martín of Tipishca offers us a unique experience in the middle of the jungle that no tourist can miss.

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