The cruise

Dining Room

“Exploring flavors and aromas”

A delight to your senses. An experience that goes beyond a bite to be savored with pleasure and a toast shared between smiles. This is why eating and drinking becomes a magical and intense moment aboard the Amatista. Not only is the flavor and fragrance of all tempting dishes and cocktails, but also the jungle, the river, the Amazon nature that creates an incomparable atmosphere.

Special ingredients are the perfect match to all the delights of our cosmopolitan buffet.

A varied and exquisite gastronomic selection offers during the week representative dishes of Peruvian cuisine, Chinese, Italian and American and regional with supplies from the jungle. It also explores the mysteries of fire and charcoal grill on Fridays.

The pleasant experience extends and comes alive in our bars. Taking a good wine, a Peruvian pisco or a piña colada picturing the impressive riverbed of the Amazon, admiring the sky full of stars or seduced by the charms of a jungle night, are so intense sensations that you cannot explain. You just have to live, feel, and enjoy them fully

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