The legend of The Runamula

The Jungle is a region which has co-existed with different tribes, cultures, myths and legends along its history. This is why up to today people still believe in them. One of those legends is The Runamula.
Its name comes from Quechua and means ‘mule people’. The local people believe it is a half woman and half mule being, which turned into a mule because she cheated on her partner.
This is why every full moon it transforms into The Runamula, which in the Amazonian common belief is the personification of adultery. Only women who date married men, church members or are married themselves can be condemned.
The legend says that by nights, a horseman dressed completely in black clothes appears outside the houses of the cursed women and starts articulating random words. While this happens, the women transform into hybrid beings (half mule) and immediately go out to meet him.
Once they are together, the horseman takes The Runamula and enters the Jungle, making them suffer all kinds of punishments, hitting them while they yell at the top of their lungs. This terrifying sounds are heard in every house in the surrounding areas during the silent nights.
The next morning, the women wake up in their beds with no recall whatsoever of what happened the night before. The only record of the event is their sore and beat up bodies and bloody beds. Only the relatives understand what happened and take them to the local healers to cast the spell out by using baths and Ayahuasca sessions.

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