6 incredible landscapes that you can only see in the Peruvian Amazon

If something stands out in the wondrous Peruvian Amazon, it is for the spectacular nature of its landscapes——True works of art made by nature that are breathtaking to even the most experienced traveler.

To enter the jungle of Peru is to discover to what the immensity of our planet, and how great the work of Mother Earth can be.

We share 6 incredible landscapes that you can only admire in the Peruvian Amazon! Images those that will forever remain in memory —-and reach the heart. You will not want to leave without seeing them in person!

The hanging bridges of the Amazon rainforest

Hanging bridges are constructions that join the tree tops of the jungle. More than 25 meters above the ground, these bridges allow you to see the jungle from a unique perspective. In your walk through the heights, you will have the opportunity to admire the most exotic animal species—-including those that would go unnoticed in our view if we observed from the ground.

The sunset over the Amazon River

The fall of the sun over the Amazon River carries with it a magical ray of colors. The reflections on the river leave an image that will forever be engraved into your memory. Whether from our expedition boats or from our cruises, sunset views are always magical. It is a unique moment in which we have the opportunity to simply enjoy the landscape and let ourselves go.

The reflection in the dark waters of the river on the expedition boat

In our expeditions through the tributaries of the Amazon, we have the opportunity to admire the array of reflections that ever so eloquently fall upon on the waters of the river. In fact, in some points of the Pacaya Samiria reserve, the calm waters of the river are given the name of “Forest of the Mirrors”, due to the reflections that are formed on them.

The Amazon River among the Amazonian vegetation

All of the travelers who have already embarked on Jungle Experiences coincide in one thing: one of the most impressive images they take is that of the Amazon crossing the jungle, seen from the window of their plane.

Like a promise of a dream trip, the Amazon looks like this before landing:

The impressive Victoria Regia floating above the Amazon River

In the Peruvian Amazon you can admire the Victoria Regia: the largest water lily species in the world.

Its large round leaves can reach a meter in diameter and its flower, which opens at dusk and closes in the morning, turns pink or white depending on the pollination time it is. They say that the Victoria Regia is so strong that it could hold a child on the waters of the river.

The rainbow formed over the jungle

If the encounter between the waters of the river and the green of the Amazonian vegetation is, in itself, surprising for its beauty, the appearance of the rainbow makes this image, if possible, even more impressive. Sometimes, after the rain, the Amazon gives us this inspiring image. Prepare the camera to capture this unique moment!

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