9 things you can’t miss during your visit to the Amazon

9 things you can´t miss during your visit to the Amazon

To sail the Amazon is to discover an endless land, to enter the immensity of the jungle, and to explore the heart of the largest river in the world. The adventures on board our cruises represent a unique experience formed from thousands of small moments painted with their own touch of magic.

If we had to choose 9 essential moments among these thousands, they would be these:

  1. Discovering incredible wildlife. Diversity takes another dimension in the Amazon rainforest. Thousands of animal species and wild vegetation form an amazing landscape. So on your trip to the Amazon, don´t hold back! Keep your eyes wide open as you watch the immensity of nature unfold before you.
  2. Tasting Peruvian cuisine with an Amazonian fusion. The Amazon rainforest is an incredible source of exotic flavors and textures. The combination of its exotic fruits and vegetables is the base for succulent recipes. This, combined with the traditional Peruvian cuisine, creates a culinary experience that you have to live at least once in your life.
  3. Sailing the Amazon at night. The Amazon takes on another color when the sun goes down. It´s a great time to embark on an excursion in our expedition boat and a unique opportunity to discover new wild species in their natural habitat.
  4. Observing the most exotic birds. The blue of the Amazonian sky is seen many times tinted with thousands of colors by the birds that inhabit the jungle. Their dance creates a show that you will not want to miss.
  5. Admiring the sunset. The fall of the sun paints a breathtaking landscape onto the waters of the Amazon River. Seeing the end of the day on board our cruises is an unsurmountable way to say goodbye to an intense journey of adventures and discoveries.
  6. Listening to the nocturnal sounds of the jungle. After sunset, the Amazon rainforest seems to change its soundtrack. It’s time to refine the ear so that you don’t miss a single detail of the incomparable experience of nature´s moonlight sonata.
  7. Discover the pink dolphinsParticipate in a tree planting ceremony. The best way to connect with nature is by becoming one with it and leaving your mark on the Amazonian landscape. Through the tree planting ceremony, you will feel the bond with Mother Earth stronger than ever before.
  8. Get to know the people from the Amazonian Rivera and connect with local communities. Getting to know new cultures and distinct ways of life, enhances your own. Your cruise to the Amazon will allow you to meet and interact with children and adults from local communities. People who know the wealth of the Amazon like nobody else.
  9. Discover the pink dolphins (or bufeos colorados) close up. The pink dolphins are amazing beings that inhabit the waters of the Amazon. Their pink color forms a beautiful spectacle while swimming freely in the river. You can´t miss it! On board our cruises you will even have the opportunity to swim among them.

The Amazon is a whole new world to discover– — discover it on board our cruises! Check our upcoming departures and current promotions.