We inspire people guiding
them towards a discovery
experience through our
exotic and beloved Amazon.

As locals, we are entirely committed to the well being of our territory, we create unique and inspirational experiences in the Amazon, inside and outside our exclusive cruises. We contribute to sustainable tourism and we care about improving the economy of our people.

Why choose us?

We are locals and we know all about our territory. We love adventure and, we love to discover and experiment the world around us in our way. We explore new challenges, we escape from boredom and we reinvent ourselves, constantly surprising our clients.

Connect with nature in the Peruvian Jungle

We have over 30 years of experience in the Amazon, through which we have forged a unique conexion with all forms of life and cultures shaping a region that breathes life.

Travel to where our planet comes to life.

Navigate through the Amazon aboard one of our cruises, discover the largest river in the world and its surroundings and explore the most virgin and inexplored areas in the planet.

Navigate the Amazon waters in the most secure way

Safety aboard, is one of our priorities and differentials. Aboard our Jungle Experiences cruises, everything is designed for the wellbeing and safety of our passengers, no matter which cruise you choose for the journey of your dreams, through the Amazon and the Peruvian Jungle.

Feel the bond between nature and humanity

Our guides know every inch of our Amazonian Jungle. Their more than 20 years of experience in the region, make them the best people to show us the Amazon Rainforest and its native cultures.

A shared

Tourism has a huge transformative power over regions and cultures. Making this transformation positive and respectful for the territory and its people, is our responsibility and for that reason we are deeply commited to the protection of the ecosystem and its inhabitants.

We help protect the Amazon Rainforest.
Over the years, we've contributed to the
strengthening of sustainable tourism in the region

This has resulted in working closely with local communities providing them with resources to improve their quality of life and teaching them how to protect their environment.

We follow responsible ecotourism practices including:

We support the Manatees Rescue Center (CREA) in Iquitos, in the rehabilitation of orphan Amazonic Manatees. We are active colaborators of the Amazon Forever organization, commited to the preservation of flora and fauna as to the education of young generations on sustainable tourism responsible practices. Our boats are equipped with silencers to minimize noise pollution which affects wild life in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. It's strictly forbidden to touch wild life during the outings.

Our suppliers of handcrafts are the inhabitants of the Amazon communities and their products are displayed in all our cruises to support local economy.
80% of our employees come from the community of Iquitos and its surroundings.

In an effort to eliminate the use of plastic, we give all our passengers with a metal reusable water bottle.
On our cruise ships, we carefully sort waste for recycling (plastics, organic waste, cardboard, paper, batteries).

We have a wastewater treatment system on our cruise ships. All waste is treated with a smart sanitation system and storage tanks (PETARD) that meet IMO and US Coast Guard standards. The result is 100% clean and sterile water that can be safely discharged into rivers. All the remaining waste is collected during the trip and recycled or responsibly disposed of upon disembarkation.
On all our cruises, we only use biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products (ECOLAB).

We encourage all passengers to request changing their towels only when necessary to reduce energy consumption aboard our cruises.

Our history:
Designing unique experiences
in the Amazon region

We are a family-owned river cruise company in the Amazon region, designing unique experiences for you to navigate through the Amazon River and its tributaries. An exceptional place offering the perfect balance between comfort and nature and inviting you to discover every detail of its culture, flora, fauna, history, gastronomy and adventure, only found in this region of planet.

Are you ready to live unique experience in the Amazon? Enjoy a luxurious stay on a cruise that will not only allow you to witness beautiful landscapes, but also to know beyond what you always dreamed of.

Learn about the culture of the tribes in the Amazon, discover animals that only live in this part of the world (such as pink dolphins or also called "Amazon dolphin") or enjoy a unique and delicious gastronomy.

Do you want to know more about the Amazon? Remember that you can do it by entering our blog section (or as they have baptized it, "The Amazon blog"). You can learn about Shamans, animals that only live in the Amazon or about the flights you can take if you want to go directly from Cusco to Iquitos.

We all share
a deep love and respect
for the Amazon, its people
and its landscapes

We also share a strong commitment in taking care of our passengers. The satisfaction of our clients depends on all our team.

The satisfaction of our clients depends on all our team. Moreover, as all of our crew members are natives from the area and know all about the landscapes and the communities in the region, we are contributing with the local economy.

They are the best people to walk you through your experience in the heart of the Amazon.


  • Peter Rittenhouse & Denise Lokhost, USA

    Aboard Zafiro, Octubre 2022

    We had a wonderful time in the Amazon! We especially enjoyed the walk through the jungle and the night time cruise.

    We really enjoyed meeting and visiting the local village. However, we felt that the dance by the women was too sexualized and made us uncomfortable.

    Angela, Danny, Uber, Charlie, Jimmy were all outstanding and provided excellent service at all time.

    Thank you so much ¡Gracias!

  • Faith & Juan Potetti, USA

    Aboard Zafiro, Octubre 2022

    The Zafiro and the crew were amazing. Very pleasant and always available for passengers. I felt comfortable and at home. Thank you.

    Joan Potetti

    From the moment I stepped on board, everybody was incredible! The ship is beautiful, our guides and the entire staff were so attentive and we really do feel like part of the family. I hope to come back again! Muchas gracias.

    Faith Potetti

  • Steve Joyce & Juan Joyce, USA

    Aboard Zafiro, Octubre 2022

    Thank you for making every day special. All staff were all friendly and tried very hard to make sure we were all enjoying everything. Food and service in dining room always 5 stars! I loved the early morning coffee. Angela was always ready to help! Charles was amazing. Naturalists were both Awesome! Best wishes! Steve & Juan.


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