Experience-based Amazon tourism: the travel that will change your life

The Amazon is a magnificent land– -full of life and diversity. It´s a land that deserves to be lived! Through its cultures and the customs of its people, we have the incredible opportunity to enrich our own way of life. Recognizing ourselves in the day to day life, helps us to understand how diverse the world is and how fortunate we are to live in it.

We do not truly get to know a country, a city, or a destination, until we experience it with our five senses– – until we get to know its people– — until we understand their ways of life.

At Jungle Experiences, we understand travel as an experience that connects us with the planet and with ourselves– — -and it is everything we live on the trip that really allows us connect with nature´s authenticity.

That is why we would not understand our cruises through the Amazon without the perspective of experiential tourism; without the possibility of discovering, in your own skin, how the autochthonous communities that inhabit the banks of the river live and develop.

Thus, everything in your journey through the Amazon, from ZafiroLa Perla, or Amatista, is designed to discover life along the largest river in the world.

Next, we will share with you just a few of the many activities that you can share with the members of the native communities of the jungle:

Amazon Shaman Blessing Ceremony

In the indigenous communities of Peru, it is the shamans who watch over the health and safety of the members of the community. The shamans, through their rituals and remedies, heal and protect the neighboring people.

One of the experiences that you can partake in on our excursions through the jungle, will be to participate in a ritual with the shaman of an indigenous community. You will discover, in your own skin, how they protect and care for the members of their community.

Piranha fishing using the traditional techniques of the communities

The inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest have ensured their survival thanks to fishing, hunting and gathering, and agriculture. Members of the indigenous communities of the Peruvian Amazon get their food through traditional techniques, which have been used throughout their culture over the years.

On board our expedition boats, you will have the opportunity to practice piranha fishing in the traditional way.

    Amazon cooking class.

    In one of our visits to the native communities, we will enjoy discovering the traditional cuisine of these towns. One of the women of the community will teach us, while being interpreted by our naturalist guides, how some of their typical dishes are prepared.

    We will have the opportunity not only to discover how these dishes are cooked and savored, but also to delve into one of the traditional houses of the jungle.

    Visit to the school of the native communities

    In the schools of the autochthonous communities you will live one of the most moving experiences of your trip to the Amazon. The smiles of the little ones are contagious! In our visit to the school, we will have the opportunity to see the joy of children while they learn and discover.

    And these are, as we told you, just some of all the wonderful experiences you can share with the citizens of the Amazon jungle on your Jungle Experiences cruise. A magical opportunity to live the heart of the Amazon!

    Check our current special promotions and embark on a journey that will connect you to the greatness of a unique land.

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