The cultural diversity of Amazonian Peru is perfectly – and deliciously - represented in its cuisine.

Thousands of dishes and recipes with unique flavors form an essential part of the country’s culture, a country more than 50% covered by the Amazonian.

There, among the vast vegetation and plentiful waters of the Amazon, abound many of the fruits and fish that serve as delectable ingredients in Amazonian and Peruvian cuisine. It’s an incredibly diverse natural pantry that has nourished the inhabitants of the jungle’s native communities for centuries.

And this immense diversity serves as inspiration for the gourmet experience offered aboard our Amazon cruises.

Dare to travel to a delicious destination and please your palate with the best dishes from the jungle.

Our luxury cruise, the Zafiro, and our adventure cruise, La Perla, feature two different menus, inspired by an authentic journey into the heart of the rainforest. Even today, finding Amazonian produce anywhere else on our planet is a difficult undertaking. On Jungle Experiences cruises, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the exotic flavors of the rainforest.

In fact, the menus of La Perla and the Zafiro draw inspiration from the very journey into the heart of the jungle that you’ll be taking.

A combination of modern techniques and innovative uses of Peruvian cuisine and the variety of natural ingredients found in the rainforest make for a gourmet experience that perfectly blends regional and international trends. Every meal aboard our cruises is a delicious experience, allowing travelers to discover authentic dishes from the world over with a traditional touch; it’s a true fusion of flavors.

The recipes prepared aboard our cruises are based on a wide variety of fresh, local products, always bearing in the mind the season to offer travelers the most exclusive and delicious experience.
Fresh ingredients straight from the rainforest give a unique a flavor to the Jungle Experiences culinary proposal: native chili peppers, such as ají dulce and ají charapita, local fruit, such as cocona, moriche palm fruit, camu camu, cayu and guava, regional fish such as doncella, tucunaré and acarahuazú, together with other internationally renowned vegetables sourced from the rainforest, such as avocado and other varieties of potatoes and tubers.

The dining room of the Zafiro, our luxury cruise, is a special space where you can enjoy delicious dishes without losing sight of the surrounding scenery for even a second. Breakfast and lunch combine tropical flavors with fresh ingredients. Dinner – a true gourmet experience – gives passengers the opportunity to try five dishes, served plated.

Aboard this exclusive cruise, travelers will have the chance to taste a wide variety of different and delicious dishes, such as inchicapi, a traditional Amazonian soup, and patarashca, or fish grilled in bijao leaves.

In the dining room of La Perla, which also features large windows, all meals are served buffet style, including recipes from the world over. Travelers can enjoy traditional, Peruvian dishes, as well as Asian, Italian and American cuisine.

This adventure cruise offers travelers the chance to enjoy delicacies such as tiradito de cocona, a traditional Amazon ceviche; tacacho pintón, or plantain fritters with cured meat and cocona sauce; and chonta salad, made with heart of palm and cocona vinaigrette.

    In short, Amazonian cuisine is a magnificent gourmet experience that’s even more enjoyable while sailing along the Amazon River.

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