Discovering the Peruvian Amazon is a must for nature lovers. Breathing in the jungle changes you.

The Peruvian Amazon hosts, among its vegetation and wildlife, countless exotic species. The jungle, with all its immensity, draws a landscape that can hardly be compared to any other place on our planet.

In the Amazon of Peru, nature is wild, wherever you look you find the magnificent work of Mother Earth; in the sky, in the waters, in the plants …

If you are a nature lover, if you want to enter the heart of the most authentic jungle, read on! What comes next is a selection of the best experiences that will connect you with nature on your Amazon cruise:

1. Swimming with Amazon Pink Dolphins:

The mere fact of diving into the waters of the tributaries of the Amazon is already an experience. Feeling the energy of the world’s largest river in your skin changes you, reconnects you.

If you add to this the presence, in your swimming, of the magnificent pink dolphins of the Amazon, the greatness of the experience is magnified.

Pink dolphins are already in a few places on our planet. Their pink color makes them particularly beautiful. In the Peruvian Amazon, pink dolphins swim freely, enjoying their natural habitat.To be able to observe them with respect, share that moment with them, is an experience of pure connection that you will not want to miss on your Amazon cruise.

2. Walk the jungle suspension bridges.

Among the treetops of the Amazon rainforest, there are large suspension bridges that allow you to discover the forest from the heights.

When walking over the trees, a new way of observing the world is discovered. Shades are discovered that we could never admire from the ground.

Up there, closer to the sky, very close to the green leaves of the Amazonian vegetation, observing the exotic species that inhabit the jungle becomes a magnificent experience.

We are sure that, if you cannot forget something about your Amazon cruise, it will undoubtedly be your walk through the jungle suspension bridges.

3. Admire the constellations on the Amazonian sky.

The night sky of the Amazon surprises our travelers by the amount of stars and constellations that allows us to see. In the wildest nature, night darkness allows you to admire the stars like nowhere else on the planet.

Enjoying a moment of peace, after a day of adventure in the Peruvian Amazon, and allowing yourself to look up, enjoying the landscape, is undoubtedly the best way to end the day.

Our Amazon cruises have spaces for observation, to enjoy the peace of this moment.

These are, in short, only three of all the experiences of connection with nature that you can live in the heart of the Amazon. If you are looking for a trip that will discover new landscapes and make you live a true jungle experience, without a doubt, Amazon river cruise are for you.

Now, in addition, we have active very special promotions. It is your time to plan a trip that will change your life. Check our promotions with our luxury travel advisors and embark on a magical experience.

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