Return to your most natural state in our yoga and wellness outing

Internalize the best of nature in this relaxation experience on our next trip to the Amazon nature, with the hosts Ingrid Lisac, a specialist in music therapy and sound experimentation, and Andrea Roch, a professional yoga and meditation instructor.

From November 18 to 22, 2023, our luxury cruise ship Zafiro, sets sail for one of the largest natural reserves in Peru – Pacaya Samiria Reserve, in a circuit full of excursions, sightings, walks and above all self-discovery sessions.

Dare to live this unique experience in the Peruvian jungle with Jungle Experiences and its luxury cruises.

Why experience a yoga, meditation and soundhealing journey aboard Zafiro Luxury Cruise? We live in a competitive world, far from the tangible and pending on the outside. In this context, it is difficult to find true tranquility, balance and concentration on a day-to-day basis. It will be possible to achieve the calm we need, on this one of a kind journey aimed to finding inner peace.

Going on a trip to blend with nature, is an excellent opportunity to live and enjoy the present while healing the past. These days of introspection and connection with nature, will allow you to connect with your inner self and the world around you. In the end, there is nothing more real than being able to know ourselves and value life around us.

Experiencing a trip to the Amazon with the philosophy of well-being, is closer than you think. Live this journey of self-discovery with us!


From November 18TH to 22ND, 2023, you can participate in a self-discovery experience aboard Zafiro, our Amazon luxury cruise. An immersive experience exploring the powerful Amazon jungle, together with Andrea Roch and Ingrid Lisac, specialists in yoga and sound healing. Make the most of the wellness activities during this trip guided by these spectacular hosts. Let us tell you more!

📆 Single departure: November 18 – 22 (5 days, 4 nights).

🚢 From USD 3,900 per person in double accommodation.

📍 Departure from Iquitos, all included.

✅ Get 15% discount by booking until April 30.

Get to know our hosts:

Andrea Roch (Mexico)

Andrea Roch (Mexico)

Professional Yoga and meditation instructor, with more than 10 years of experience.

She is certified in Hatha and Ashtanga at Yoga Peeth, Ricshikesh (India) and in Vinyasa at Green Yoga (Mexico City).

Her goal as a teacher is to deepen her positions and above all help others in their goals to lead a healthier life.

She has participated in retreats and workshops worldwide, mainly in Spain, working physically and mentally with her students.

Ingrid Lisac (Mexico)

Music Therapist and Sound Experimentation Specialist. She has more than 10 years of experience and was certified by the SEP (Mexico).

She fuses traditional techniques from Mongolia, Tibet, Australia and Mexico, among other parts of the world.

She has participated in artistic awareness projects and has collaborated in community projects about resilience and integration of emotions, working on sound in Mexico and Spain.

Her practices investigate the effects that sounds produce on the mind and body, for greater well-being.


Yoga, Meditation & Sound Healing sessions

You will experience the following healing activities aboard Zafiro cruise:

Sound Healing or Sound Bath: This session works on two fundamental aspects: the relationship between the Nervous System and Sound, emitted through the vibration of musical and ceremonial instruments, which resonate within us.

Amazon Sound Meditation “Mindfulness”: You will activate your senses through the symphony of the Amazon, along with other instruments. All this through the resource of full attention.

Yoga sessions: Different types of practices will be carried out: Hatha, Vinyasa or Asthanga; that will help to achieve greater physical and mental control. During the yoga session, which usually lasts an hour, there will be different postures practiced, accompanied by breathing techniques.

Meditations: Three types of meditations will be carried out: Meditation in movement: on board the excursion boats; Tesla’s meditation with frequencies 369, 693 and 936, related to the law of attraction; and Pranayama, a type of meditation that helps control breathing and energy.

Yin Yoga relaxation stretches: essential to reduce tension and allow muscles to return to their relaxed state.

Cocoa Ceremony: it is a ritual in which a drink of pure cocoa (without sugar) is ingested. This experience will help us focus on carrying out a deep work of Feeling with the Heart, increasing our perception and pleasant sensation, opening spaces for reflection, self-inquiry, containment, exploration and repair.


Are you ready to enjoy a unique experience aboard a luxury cruise on the Amazon River? Join Andrea and Ingrid in this journey of self-discovery and healing, as you sail in the Amazon! For more information, contact or go to our luxury cruises page.

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