La Casa de Fierro by Gustave Eiffel: The Mystery and Magic of Iquitos

In the vast and enigmatic Peruvian Amazon, there is a tourist destination that captivates with its charm and promises an adventure-filled experience. One of the most iconic landmarks deserving a prominent place in your Amazon River tour itinerary is the La Casa de Fierro (Iron House) in Iquitos.

Would you like to learn more about this fascinating place? Keep reading!

History of La Casa de Fierro

Located in the heart of the Amazonian city, between Próspero and Putumayo streets, overlooking the Plaza de Armas, lies La Casa de Fierro of Iquitos—a testament to the town’s prosperous industrial past. In 1899, during the Paris International Exposition, Julio H. Toots, a rubber magnate, acquired La Casa de Fierro designed by Gustave Eiffel in Paris.

Julio not only sought to showcase cutting-edge technology of the time but also wanted to demonstrate his commercial success and recent fortune derived from rubber exploitation in the region.

The golden age of Iquitos, also known as the “rubber boom” or the “rubber fever” earned its name due to the economic and social growth in countries with Amazonian territories. This was a result of the increasing demand for rubber, which allowed rubber producers to amass wealth rapidly.

Rubber extraction and trade brought about significant economic prosperity, social development, and increased acquisitions that contributed to the architectural improvement of the city. During the rubber boom, Toots purchased the structure with the intention of relocating it to his estate in the midst of the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

Arrival of the Grand House in Iquitos

The exact manner in which the structure arrived in the city remains a mystery to this day, as Iquitos is a riverine city inaccessible by road. Transporting such a heavy and immense structure as the Grand House was no simple task.

Apparently, Toots requested engineers to divide the structure into two equal parts, thus creating two twin buildings. One of these halves would have been mounted on the Brazilian ship Perseverança, which crossed the Atlantic Ocean and sailed upstream along the Amazon.

At that point, hundreds of men would have been responsible for carrying the large iron plates that make up the house through the Amazon jungle until they reached the city.

Architectural Design of La Casa de Fierro

An unparalleled architectural gem! This peculiar metal house is one of the treasures you would never expect to find amidst the Amazon jungle, yet for over 100 years, it has become an architectural and cultural icon of the Peruvian Amazon.

Its tropical design with European influences combines a square shape with expansive windows on the balconies, forming a large gallery that allows the breeze to enter while protecting the center of the building from the intense sun, all the while offering a panoramic view of the Plaza de Armas.

La Casa de Fierro also stands out for the material used in its construction: wrought iron. Its walls, roof, and balcony are covered with plaster, which conceals the steel panels that form it.

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