A family adventure: 6 activities that your children will enjoy in the Rainforest Amazon River Cruise

An Amazon River Cruise circuit means walking in the middle of the rainforest, observing gigantic trees, watching precious animals in their natural habitat, and feeling like a true jungle explorer, are no longer activities only for adults. Now, children can also live a great adventure and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in the Amazon!

Our Amazon River Cruise offer you unforgettable activities prepared especially for you. ¿Would you like to see the itinerary? Learn about all you can do, being part of our program “Young Explorer Alpha”!

1.Observe the diverse fauna found in the amazon jungle.  Luxury Amazon River Cruise

Our adventure starts with the challenges that the Amazonian rainforest brings for us:  the observation of species which you could only see on books, such as: sloths, monkeys, exotic frogs, and with some luck, the beautiful pink dolphins. You will also have the chance to photograph a wide range of birds.

2. Learn ancestral techniques.

Next, the biggest challenge: fishing piranhas using ancestral techniques, they will love it! This activity will allow our young crew members to make the most out of their visit and meet other young explorers from local communities.

3. Connect with nature.

Your children will not only enjoy watching hundreds of species in their natural habitat, they will also learn about the importance on taking care of our environment and respecting animals. Impossible that our little ones won’t feel the connection with nature!

4. Cooking in the rainforest. Amazon River cruise for families

We also have activities aboard, where children can wake up their creativity and talent. The first challenge will be to turn themselves into real chefs of the jungle. The little ones can now unleash their creativity with the variety of flavors from our charming jungle. Similarly, they will have the chance to create amazing Amazonian tablecloths.

5. Drawing and enjoying.

Finally, in this last challenge they will be able to capture, through drawings, the adventures they lived during their experiences in the Rainforest.

All activities within our Zafiro and La Perla Amazon River Cruises, are supervised and ensured by our professional guides aboard. So, relax and enjoy your vacation as never before. It will be an experience for you and your family to keep in your memories forever!

Amazon River boat

Finally, we must tell you that at Jungle Experiences, we have designed special benefits for the whole family:

  • The family thanking ritual to the Amazon.
    · Local souvenir as a gift for everyone.
    · “Young Explorer Alpha” program for the whole family.
    · Interconnected suites (only at Zafiro).
    · 15% discount on the second suite aboard Zafiro and 10% discount on the second suite aboard La Perla.
    · 20% discount on the third and following suites aboard Zafiro and 15% discount on the third and following suites aboard La Perla.

Check out our next departures here and enjoy these benefits that we have put together especially for you. Enjoy an unforgettable Amazon River Cruise