Mindful Travel and Nature, 4 Tips to Experience a Journey of Authentic Connection!

The trip is, in all cases and without any doubt, an inspiring experience—– an experience that changes and enriches you. Traveling brings us closer to ourselves, helps us to know ourselves better, and connects us to the authenticity within ourselves.

In a world where we are constantly moving at a faster pace, and where we have less and less time for ourselves, finding moments to stop and reconnect becomes essential. And that is when mindfulness, full awareness, and contact with nature take on more meaning that ever.

The state of full consciousness, which reminds us of the here and now, brings us back to the present moment and allows us to enjoy it with all its nuances

Traveling with the Mindful Travel philosophy is nothing more than connecting with what happens to us at each minute, immersing ourselves in destiny until we feel part of it—-and allowing us to discover our rhythm, by listening to our body and embracing each experience in its space and time.

Contact with nature forms part of who we are and has always been part of our essence as beings. Connecting with her, is rediscovering who we truly are—- balancing ourselves, liberating ourselves.

In fact, more and more studies show a powerful relationship between the connection with nature and the reduction of stress.

In addition, nature brings us closer to balance, it induces us in a powerful way to deep states of well-being.

If we see the journey from the perspective of full consciousness and contact with nature, we find an experience that allows us to rediscover ourselves and return to the source being more “us”——feeling better, with renewed energy.

Practicing this new travel philosophy is easier than you think. Below we share 4 quick tips in order to experience a trip of authentic, metaphysical connection:

1. Choose destinations that allow you to connect with nature and green spaces that are full of life.
2. Leave behind the day-to-day tension— disconnect! This experience is yours alone and nobody has the right to interfere in something so powerful.
3. Enjoy every minute of your trip; every moment is unique. Be aware of it and explore each experience with the five senses.
4. Allow yourself moments to admire nature, to breathe pure air, and to let yourself be surprised by the natural spectacle that is drawn before your eyes. The simple fact of stopping and enjoying the view is refreshing.

At Jungle Experiences we believe in travel as an experience that should allow us to flow, that should reconnect us by bringing us closer to our balance. That is why we offer three experiences of pure connection with the authenticity of the Amazon. Check now our special promotions and live your Mindful Travel experience!