Why visit Peru, a megadiverse country in its culture

Peru, among the 20 largest countries in the world, is home to an immense wealth of cultures and traditions.

It has more than 10.00 years of history, more than 47 languages spoken by its citizens (in addition to Spanish) and about 3,000 popular parties that are held every year in their towns, cities and communities. Its vast diversitymakes Peru a surprising and authentic destination–A destination that you do not want to stop discovering.

Peruvian cuisine, a pleasure to discover

The diversity of Peru materializes in its exquisite and varied cookbook. Each city of the country has its typical dishes, all of surprising flavor. Recipes designed and cooked by the dozens of cultures that coexist in theirregions, are prepared based on the fruit of the extensive and generous nature that pervades the Peruvian landscape.

In the Amazon jungle of Peru, for example, delicious dishes are prepared daily, which combine all the flavor of the most exotic fruits ofthe tropical forest. The tacacho with cecina or the peanut inchicapi are just two of the endless recipes of the jungle that you can discover on board your luxury cruise through the Amazon, El Zafiro.

The holidays and celebrations of Peru: mysticism, nature and freedom

As it could not be otherwise, the coexistence of different beliefs, customs and religions throughout the immense Peru has given rise to countless popular festivals, which are celebrated each year expressing faith in a God, respect for the Mother Earth and the celebration of freedom.

Catholicism merges with the pre-Hispanic traditions of each region of the country and the retribution to the Pachamama (Mother Earth) is the protagonist in all the Peruvian territory.

One of the most typical celebrations of the Amazon rainforest of Peru is the Corpus Christi, a religious festival celebrated in May. In this festival, the inhabitants of the communities go to masses and processions, to prepare for afterwardshonor the celebration withtraditional drinks and festivities.

A country with a soundtrack: this is how the music of Peru sounds

Music is, without a doubt, one of the personality traits of Peru. It reflects, how the multiple cultures could not coexist otherwise.

In fact, it is said that the Peruvians of the Nasca culture were the most important pre-Columbian musicians of the continent. Since countless years ago, Peruvian culture has engineered its own instruments, using sea snails, reeds and even animal bones.

Inthe Amazon rainforest, music is also an essential part of celebrations and festivities, as well as of the cultural expression of the native communities.

In support of this characteristic feature of Peruvian culture, in the cruises  through the Amazon with Jungle Experiences,you will have the opportunity to enjoy live music performed by our local band on board.

¿Do you like, beyond visiting a destination, to connect with the expression of their cultures? Do you live for the magic of discovering the different expressions of the same feeling? Do you think that the authenticity of a country is found in its customs? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, Peru is waiting for you!

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