Explore the traditionnal riverboat Amatista in the Peruvian Rainforest

If you want to live an authentic experience traveling through the Amazon as it was traditionally done, Amethyst Amazon River Boat is the cruise you are looking for.

What kind of boat do you take on the amazon river?

This is a very common question asked by our visitors before traveling to the Amazon. At Junglexperiencie we offer you to live a unique adventure with our classic boats with modern and renovated environments, full of luxury. You will wake up in the middle of the Amazon River and you will never want to leave.

This type of boat takes us back to the days of the first trips through the Jungle. Like our other ships (Sapphire or La Perla), Amethyst will offer you memories that you will not be able to erase. Whether as a couple, as a family or a solo trip, coming to the Jungle is what you needed to do.

On the Amazon River

The Amazon River is known worldwide for being the largest of all. Crossing it is a complete adventure; However, our travel packages will make your stay special because you will meet exotic animals, typical food that only tastes good here, you will learn about shamans of Peru and their history.

Do you want to know more about the Amazon?

Check out our blog about the Amazon and the complete map with which you can guide yourself. Remember, visiting the Amazon was what you were missing...


Live an original experience in these warm and traditionally built cabins


Live an original Amazon riverboat experience in these warm and traditionally built cabins

Live an original Amazon riverboat experience in these warm and traditionally built cabins

Enjoy the most varied local and international recipes.

The gastronomic experience aboard goes beyond the exquisite combination of fresh food from the Amazon Jungle.

Live endless thrills aboard AMATISTA

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Fall in love with the Amazon, its people, culture and biodiversity

Discover the Amazon with our local guides, experts and passionate protectors of the richness in their territory. ¡Fall in love with Amatista Amazon River Boat!


Rates & Itineraries 2020, 2021 & 2022

    Contact us for further information about itineraries and prices aboard our Amatista cruise.

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