Our guides are expedition leaders and they have over 20 years of experience in the Jungle

Love and respect for the Amazon Rainforest.

All of us who are part of Jungle Experiences, care about the territory and its people. We are strongly committed in helping enhance our passengers' experience as well as the lives of the inhabitants in the region.

Knowledgeable in every sense of the word.

Our staff, local Amazon people, know all about best ways to reach the most memorable experiences in this place.

Pink river dolphins as you've never seen before

Closely observe the behaviour of these amazing dolphins, both intelligent and curious. You'll only find them in this region of the world.

Piranha fishing

Get to know the famous piranhas. You'll find them swimming in the Amazon waters.

Boat outings

One of the most practical ways to discover the Amazon and its surroundings.

Outdoor picnic

Share with your fellow travellers, a delicious outdoor breakfast while you exchange experiences from your magical adventures.

Jungle trekking

Immerse yourself in the Peruvian Jungle, prepare for a unique encounter with its flora and fauna which intensifies every day.

Nocturnal expeditions in search of caimans

Discover why these caimans are famous, known world-wide for their patience to hunt preys of considerable sizes.

Tree plantation ceremony

Become part of one of the most important Amazon traditions.


When navigating through the Amazon, you can't miss the experience of travelling by kayak.

Amazon birdwatching

This area of the world, is the dream place for all birdwatching lovers.

Walking over suspension bridges

Live first-hand a magical moment in the middle of the Jungle. Become the protagonist of a story you will remember forever.

Visits to the communities

Meet the people from these magical communities. Discover their customs and share traditional practices with them.

Ceremony with the Shaman

Discover why shamans are recognized world-wide. Be dazzled by the skills these characters have, bearers of magical abilities.

Traveller's guide

Most excursions don’t require physical effort however, we recommend our guests to be in good health, with the purpose of making the most out of their cruising. Our naturalist guides will be always ready to help in what ever you might need.


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