Live the amazing experience to traveling to the amazon


Each trip is a unique and enriching experience. Discover the planet, in a way, helps us discover ourselves and connect with the authenticity of life. Via our cruises through the Amazon, we would like to take you on a unique and exclusive trip.

Come and discover how the Amazon rainforest will change your life:


1. New cultures, that will enrich you.


The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, in the Peruvian Amazon, provides homes to dozens of indigenous communities that have created their own way of life around the river. These villages preserve the beliefs and customs of their communities year after year, and have kept them alive from generation to generation. On your Amazon cruise you will have the opportunity to talk with the inhabitants of these communities, discovering totally different ways of life.

2. Unsuspected animal species.


The immense biodiversity of the Amazon welcomes the most exotic species— – mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles that you’ve never known before. Discovering the great and diverse wildlife that takes place in the Amazon jungle, is
another way to discover how immense its nature and magic really are.

3. You will discover incredible landscapes.


Few corners of the planet give rise to a beauty as intense as the landscapes of the Amazon. The sunset and the dawn play with the reflections on the waters of the river, drawing scenes that take your breath away. The night sky, full of stars, forms another wonderful image that you can discover from our cruises. Faced with such a wonderful landscape, one cannot help but love and respect nature for giving us such spectacular images. Because there is no greater spectacle than nature coming to life around you.

4. Disconnect from everything the nonessential, with a unique opportunity to connect with oneself.


Before a show so wonderful and full of life, one cannot do anything but forget what is unneeded. The Amazonian experience leads each traveler to disconnect from the nonessential to find what is truly authentic themselves. Before the immensity of the Amazon, only the authentic remains. Reconnecting with what really matters in our life becomes essential in the amazing destination of our cruises Zafiro and La Perla.

5. Live the authentic emotion of discovering new paths throughout the jungle.


In Pacaya Samiria you will have the opportunity to feel like a true explorer. Walking through the paths that form in the Amazon jungle, will bring you to discover hidden corners full of magic. Instilling an emotion that can only stir something inside you, the Amazon is, without a doubt, one of the most magical destinations. It is a mystical land in which to enter to discover the immensity of the planet and experience the greatness that exists in oneself.
Our luxury cruise, the Zafiro and our adventure cruise, La Perla, represent a unique opportunity to enter the most untouched corners of this wonderful place.

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