A amazon cruise, a unique experience of life

Each trip is a unique way to discover, to grow, to change, and to reconnect. It’s a way to reconnect with ourselves, and to also reconnect with the immensity of nature– — with the authenticity of our Mother Earth.

Your Amazon cruise is designed to connect with what really matters: your essence, our planet … We take you to the heart of the Amazon on a trip where you will discover a new and unique way of living in nature.

These are the 6 activities that will connect you with nature on board your Amazon cruise:

1. Admiring the starry sky of the Amazon.


The sky takes unexpected nuances in the darkness of the jungle. Each star has a unique protagonism within the picturesque sky. From the observation decks of La Perla and El Zafiro, you will have the opportunity to become a part of the immense universe– — -A universe that is sketched before your eyes, very high in the sky.

2. Kayaking the waters of the Amazon River.


Kayaking allows us to discover the Amazon up close. On board these small boats, departing from our exclusive Zafiro cruise, you will reach virgin and unexplored corners of the Amazon jungle.

3. Swimming in the waters of the Amazon River.


Jump in! Immerse yourself in the waters of the largest river in the world. There is nothing comparable to the incredible pink dolphins of the Amazon. It comprises up part of the magic that floods everything in the Amazon rainforest.

4. Spot the most exotic species of birds, fish and mammals.


The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, the destination of our cruises, is one of the places that houses the greatest biodiversity of the entire planet. Discovering it makes us aware of the immensity of the world in which we live, and of everything we do not know about the greatness of nature.

    5. Walk among the lush and wild Amazonian vegetation.


    Open your five senses and enjoy the shapes, colors, sounds, smells … Feel the authentic nature that fills everything around it. There are more and more studies that demonstrate how a walk through the forest is an activity that relaxes us, which enhances our well-being. When that forest is one of the most immense ones in the world, the experience multiplies.

      6. Leave your mark on the Amazon: plant a tree.


      On one of your jungle excursions, you will have the opportunity to participate in a tree planting ceremony. A unique way to contribute to the growth of what is one of the main sources of oxygen on the planet.

      We are part of a wonderful planet. Discovering its greatness is nothing other than understanding the great work of art produced by Mother Nature.

      In Jungle Experiences, we love the Amazon— — and, from that love, we can do nothing but offer you the possibility to discover, to connect, and to experience the authentic heart of the largest river in the world — –and its jungle.

      On board El Zafiro and La Perla you will experience an experience of pure connection with nature: check out our active promotions, and plan your Amazon cruise now!

      Photos by: Kareena Gianani

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