Nature is the most perfect and moving spectacle, that is enjoyed doubly when admired with respect and love being a sustainable tourist.

    Traveling is a wonderful opportunity to live and discover nature. Doing it in a sustainable way allows us to leave a positive footprint on the planet, while at the same time enjoying the experience more fully.

    The responsible travel, far from subtracting possibilities from our trips, presents us with a new way of living the adventure—– a more authentic and conscious way. Would you like to know how to doubly enjoy a 100% “responsible” experience in the Amazon of Peru? Keep reading!

    1. Admire local animal species in their natural habitat, respecting their livelihood.

    Entering the ecosystem is the most authentic way to admire the diverse species that inhabit our immense planet. The Amazon is one of the most biodiverse corners of the world! Sail its rivers and streams, walk its paths, stroll its hanging bridges …

    Take the magnificent opportunity to see the most exotic animals in their natural habitat. Once you find them on your way, stop! Enjoy the image and do not interfere in their activities.

    You will discover the true way of living and moving of each being and, in turn, you will reduce the impact of your presence on its natural habitat.

    2. Zero waste in nature.

    A good way to reduce the amount of waste generated in your trip can be, for example, to limit the use of disposable plastic bottles, replacing them with reusable bottles.

    Eliminating waste production altogether, however, is not always possible, and we must find the cleanest way to discard what no longer works. To do this, avoid throwing plastic, paper, wrappers and containers into the water or in the forest.

    The waste not only pollutes the environment, it also pollutes the planet. If you must throw a package in the middle of a trip in the forest, keep it in your backpack and get rid of it when you arrive at your accommodation.

    Keeping the landscape clean will not only allow you to enjoy a more beautiful experience, it will also make it possible to maintain the ecosystem in its perfect development—– being able to enjoy it when and whenever you want.

    3. Choose accommodations that are socially and environmentally committed.

    Choose with judgment! With our decisions and choices we build the world in which we live. Betting on socially responsible companies, which demonstrate their commitment to the social and environmental development of the planet, is the most coherent way to defend “responsible travel”.

    At Jungle Experiences, we know that taking care of our planet is not an alternative: it is the only possible option. Therefore, we promote support programs for the indigenous communities of the Amazon rainforest and we encourage our travelers to respect the flora and fauna of the forest.

      4. Act local! Treat your hosts with respect, these people inhabit the destination.

      Observe and try, as far as possible, to adapt to their culture and way of life. Do not pretend to interfere in their customs and rituals, be part of them if you wish! Listen to their languages, taste their food…

      Live the experience with authenticity and collaborate, as far as possible, in the development of the community. In this way, you will make your trip a more inspiring experience.

      Start now to plan your next trip and get ready to live it with all the intensity! Check our special promotions and experience your Amazon cruise in the most “responsible” way.

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