At Jungle Experiences, we see tourism as an opportunity for development sustainability in the Amazon, helping support the conservation of flora and fauna in this beautiful place.

Today, we are starting to go out again, little by little, and it’s our responsibility to take care of our world which is our home. Our different actions seek to help promote this touristic destination.

We know that tourism is important, and also that it is our duty to maintain harmony between visitors and the Peruvian Rainforest territory. We invite you to continue reading and learn about our practices to protect the Amazon.

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Consciousness and awareness on the importance of environmental conservation.

Contamination and climate change have turned environmental protection into a priority, for a great number of people. Having this in mind, we undertake many activities in favor of its sustainability in the Amazon.

The main goal of our activities lies in helping native communities understand and comprehend, the value of the resources they have, thanks to nature.

At Jungle Experiences, our naturalist guides with over 20 years of experience working in the region, give speech talks to future native community leaders, for them to create environmental conservation awareness, through the “3R campaign” (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

Economic revitalization sustainability in the region, with the collaboration of local communities in the Amazon.

By travelling to the Peruvian Amazon, you’ll be part of the engine that feeds the economy of its local communities, who offer authentic products, native from this region of the country.

Local jobs are as well promoted, hand in hand with environmental sustainability which must prevail.

Craft creators, for each of the products you’ll find at our cruises, are local inhabitants of the communities we’ll visit during our outings. We are glad to say that 80% of our workers come from the city of Iquitos in the Amazon or its surrounding areas.

Wildlife conservation and sustainability in the Amazon. 

It is responsibility of all generations to help with wildlife conservation, so we may have in our world, harmony between nature and human beings. Imagine each one of us had a commitment with the environment, many goals could be achieved with small actions, don’t you think? Let’s help maintain the reproduction cycles for all species on earth, for them to be seen and protected by future generations.

Our differential value is the constant support that we bring to our region. We collaborate with the Manatees Rescue Center (CREA) in Iquitos, where volunteers and biologists protect Amazon Manatees, an endangered species; and with Amazon Forever, an organization in charge of preserving flora and fauna as well as in the education of young generations, on sustainable tourism responsible practices.

Additionally, our skiffs have mufflers, helping minimize the noise at the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, one of the biggest protected natural areas in the world.


It’s the process of converting waste into raw material or other products, to extend its lifetime and fight against the accumulation of garbage in the world. Here, the second R comes into play: Reuse.

From our side, we put a great effort into making minimal use of plastic bottles. We provide a reusable metal bottle with water to each of our visitors and also, in all our cruises, we make a careful selection of the waste (plastics, organic waste, cardboard, among others).

Waste treatment and eco-friendly product use.

Our cruises have a sewage treatment system, to treat all waste under an intelligent sanitation system, as well as storage tanks (PETARD), which comply with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the United States Coast Guard standards. This way, 100% clean and sterile water is obtained and can be safely discharged into the rivers.

The remaining waste is collected during the journey and delivered upon disembarkation for recycling or responsible disposal. It is worth mentioning that on our cruises we only use biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products from the sustainable brand ECOLAB.

Waste treatment and eco-friendly product use.

Water is one of the essential resources of humanity, even considered by many as liquid gold. In our outings, we invite our travelers to require towel replacement only whenever they consider it necessary and, in addition, to control their energy consumption within our cruises.

You now know about our responsible ecotourism practices, we invite you to book your adventure in the Peruvian Jungle, thanks to our flexible measures. Follow us on our Facebook, Instagram y Twitter!


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