Pacaya Samiria National Reserve: the largest protected area in Peru is home to the Forrest of Mirrors, a flooded forest that emanates the authentic magic of nature.

The real Magic of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is in the biodiversity that flourishes within it. They say this is one of the richest areas for wildlife in all of the Amazon. The largest protected area in Peru and the fourth largest in all of South America offers visitors an impressive view of the immensity of Mother Nature.

As you go deeper into the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, you’ll come to realize that spotting Amazonian species in the midst of this dense forest is nothing short of challenging. And just as an incredibly diverse variety of fauna thrives in this forest, so does thick vegetation: colossal trees, infinite bushes and shrubs, medicinal plants, and so much more.

However, with the help of our naturalist guides, encountering the species of the Amazon in the foliage becomes an enthralling experience: sloths and their ever-so-gentle movements, brightly colored macaws, surly caymans, cheeky monkeys at play, and the stillest of reptiles. In short, life takes on a whole new dimension in this privileged location.

With the change of seasons, the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve becomes an entirely different experience, as does its scenery. During high-water season in the Andes, the volume of the rivers increases throughout the entire forest, submerging a significant portion of its surface below the dark water.

It is then when black lagoons appear, serving as mirrors to offer a second view of the remarkable Amazon sky. At this time of year, the reserve can be accessed only by boat.

During low-water season, when the excess water has receded, the flora and fauna of the Amazon return. Now is the time to step off the boat and explore the nature trails of the Amazon rainforest on foot.

In either case, the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve offers a surprising display of nature. Swallows, tanagers and hundreds of bird species soar through the Amazon sky, day and night. Through the vines, monkeys swing from one tree to the next, howling all the while. Our naturalist guides will help you catch a glimpse of these exotic species.

But the spectacle of the rainforest in this magnificent corner of the Earth includes more than what you can observe with the eyes. You’ll also want to tune in and listen beyond the current of the river for a concert offered by frogs, monkeys and insects. Some travelers say that on their adventure they even heard the magical chants of shamans from deep within the rainforest.

When night falls, the scenery is transformed. The stars shine brighter over the Amazon and their twinkling reflection in the water paints a panoramic view. Look out on the river and you’ll be able to make out the eyes of the fearsome cayman.

Skiffs set out on expeditions from our cruise boats every night. If you dare to get a close-up view of caymans, boas and anacondas, then this is the time.

In short, the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is a paradise of plant and animal wildlife. It is an experience of discovery. Among its trees you will discover the immensity of the Amazon – the immensity of our planet.

Open your mind and heart; allow yourself this life-changing experience. Discover the true extent of our planet’s biodiversity. Few experiences in life are as inspiring as this.


And to take you on the journey, we offer our Amazon cruises. If you too wish to see the world from the majesty of the rainforest, check out our next departures and get ready to discover the real Mother Earth – Pachamama.

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