Connecting people with the Amazon through our service cruise

No two trips are the same—- each adventure is a unique experience that belongs exclusively, to the traveler who lives it. Similarly, no two people are the same nor two travelers with exactly the same tastes and interests.

Are you a nature lover? In love with the landscape, passionate about photography? Do you prefer relaxation and the exclusivity of a luxury experience in a cruise? Do you live for adventure, for leaving your comfort zone and discovering new ways of life? Be as you are—- we have an experience for you, read on to discover it!

For those who want to connect with nature, to feel the immensity of the Amazon River, to enjoy the cruise, scenery and to take incredible photos.

The boat expeditions, which depart every day from all our cruises in the Peruvian Amazon, are a unique opportunity to enter the most unexplored corners of the jungle.

From La Perla, our adventure cruise, you will undertake excursions where nature will take center stage, giving you the opportunity to admire the Amazonian landscape from a unique perspective.

During these cruises you will discover, among other wonderful things, the largest water lilies in the world, which are only found in the Amazon. They are the majestic Victoria Regia: it is said that their leaves are so strong that they can hold a baby on water without sinking. Birdwatching is another magical experience for nature lovers.

Our naturalist guides will accompany you at all times to discover each of the magical corners that the Amazon hides. Specialists in locating even the most hidden of exotic Amazonian species among the thick vegetation of the jungle, the guides will guarantee you the best photos of wildlife.

And, of course, another thing you will not want to miss will be the sunset over the Amazon River. When the sun goes down, the sky merges with the river, changing color to reveal the magnificent constellations.

For travelers looking for moments of relaxation, an exclusive experience through which they can disconnect from everyday life and connect with themselves is the way to go.

If what you are looking for is a luxury experience tailored just for you, El Zafiro is your ideal cruise. On board this exclusive boat, you can enjoy true relaxation, always without losing sight of the Amazon landscape; a landscape that invites you to enjoy the moment.

On board El Zafiro you can enjoy the most exquisite Spa, a space for relaxation where you can transport mind into another world. Our team on board performs relaxing massages and therapies that will leave you feeling as good as new. Also, if you prefer, you can also enjoy massages and treatments in your suite.

The Jacuzzi is another unique form for relaxation: in the outdoor lounge of El Zafiro, with panoramic views of the Amazon River, you will find a place where you can immerse yourself, enjoy the bubbles, and let yourself go to the heart of the largest river in the world.

Next to the jacuzzi, you will find the hammock area, a unique space from where to feel the caress of the Amazonian breeze and enjoy your exclusive trip.

As if all this were not enough, our indoor lounge is equipped with air conditioning and comfortable sofas, so you can take a moment to enjoy your favorite reading. The large windows that surround this space will allow you not to lose sight of the immense landscape at any time.

For those who prefer adventure, embark on experiences that discover new ways of life —–that make one leave their comfort zone:

Everything on your trip to the Amazon can be a great adventure. To do this, let yourself be carried to the heart of the largest river in the world. Once there, enjoy the most authentic experiences.

Navigating through the Amazon River in a kayak will be one of the essential experiences during your trip: you will connect with the immensity of the river and you will advance through its waters discovering magnificent creatures—– leaving you surprised by the landscape around you.

During the jungle treks, which leave every day from the Jungle Experiences cruises, you can discover the most exotic wild species: poison dart frogs, snakes, sloths, monkeys, … Only the bravest will dare to put the huge snakes that inhabit the jungle on their back.

Also, discover the ways of life of the indigenous communities. Tasting their cuisine and living the magic of their culture, will lead you to an experience that will enrich you deeply.

And you, with what type of traveler do you identify yourself? Which of these adventures will you sign up for? Whoever you are, there is a trip waiting for you, ask about next departures and venture out to live a trip that will reconnect you with the most authentic.

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