Discover the experience of feeling nature aboard Zafiro: a wonderful and unique cruise

Before deciding on a journey we think about two factors: destination and comfort. If we have already decided that our destination will be navigating through the magical waters of the Amazon River, then we just need to decide which way is the best way to do it.

What better way to explore the Amazon River than doing so in a floating 5 star hotel. Welcome to the Zafiro cruiser, which offers 19 luxurious suites with all commodities available. From the Jacuzzi, with an amazing view of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, to the massage room and gym which gives us a complete experience of nature and comfort like no other.

On the first day, the Jungle Experiences personnel will be in charge of picking you up from the city of Iquitos to be taken into a private vehicle on a 95km ride to the city of Nauta, from where you’ll have a warm greeting from our staff upon boarding Zafiro. Once inside, you will be showed around your room and will be invited to the upper deck for your first encounter with the beautiful landscape that the Peruvian Amazon has to offer while enjoying an exotic cocktail made from pisco and regional fruits. Throughout the day, you will be briefed on relevant information about the jungle while you relax with impressive views.

On the second day, there will be an expedition. In this expedition we will visit the Yanallpa, Trapiche and Dorado rivers. First we will navigate through the Yanallpa River, while the guides offer their help in locating and identifying the most colorful animals (like birds and monkeys); the second river we will be navigating is Trapiche that will allow us to take a hike through the jungle, learning about medicinal plants and animals such as snakes, birds and insects. The last river will be the Dorado River; this expedition will start at 4pm. We will be traveling in a skiff through the ‘Mirror Forest’ and we will see  how the trees can be reflected in the perfection of the river waters.

On the third day we will be exploring the Yarapa River in a skiff just as the day before, from where we will be able to appreciate the company of pink dolphins throughout our journey. In addition to that, we will be having a native cooking class where you will be invited to experiment the culinary art of the Amazon. Meet all the people that have made our experience one of the best ones of the Amazon.

On our last day we will enjoy a farewell lunch on board the Zafiro before we depart to the city of Iquitos. On our journey we will be visiting the Sea Cows Rescue Center, where we will learn about how they are cared for and the necessary preparation to be reinserted to their natural habitat. After that, while being accompanied by our naturalist guides, we will get your check-ins and boarding pass for Lima.

As we can see, this is an experience as unique and dazzling as only the Amazon can offer.

If you wish to know how you can enjoy the Zafiro Amazon cruise, write to us to or please go to our  day by day itineraries: three, four and seven nights.

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