We show you why jungle experiences is the best option to admire the Peruvian Amazon

Tourism has an immense transforming power over cultures and territories. Understanding this power and using it positively, we can achieve great economic development among the communities that inhabit the tourist destinations—— as well as a greater preservation of the ecosystem and wildlife that populates every corner of the planet.

At Jungle Experiences we understand that each of our actions leaves its mark on the planet. Understanding everything that we owe to Mother Nature, we know the importance of showing the utmost respect for the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and the wildlife that inhabits it while working.

To do this, we offer our travelers truly respectful experiences with the flora and fauna of the jungle.

What makes the Jungle Experiences Cruises a wildlife-friendly experience?

All the personnel on board El ZafiroLa Perla and El Amatista, especially, our naturalist guides, understand their work as a way to transmit and share their immense love and respect for the Amazon rainforest.

That is why, in all of our outings and excursions, naturalist guides invite travelers to recognize and admire jungle species without interfering or disrupting with their way of life.


Via the expedition boats that are launched from our cruise ships, travelers have the opportunity to admire many species of birds, sloths, monkeys, and pink river dolphins …without altering their natural habitat. By doing his, we not only get a more respectful experience with the environment and the Amazonian species, we also offer a more
authentic and genuine experience.

In our walks through the jungle and visits to native communities, travelers also have the opportunity to participate in a ritual tree planting ceremony. This is a meaningful way to leave a positive footprint in the Amazonian ecosystem—in addition to being a contribution to the preservation of the jungle, in the middle of a life that include the most diverse exotic species.

Therefore, in all the outings through the jungle, our naturalist guides make sure that the environment is respected-and that Amazon species are admired with the respect they deserve.

On the other hand, Jungle Experiences is committed to raising awareness and sensitivity of the importance of environmental conservation among visitors and inhabitants of the Amazon.

That is why, in the same way that our guides convey the importance of preserving the ecosystem to our travelers, they also offer talks among the children of the native communities. In these talks addressed to children who are, in short, the future of the Amazon, value is placed on everything that nature puts at our disposal, as a means of life—- as well as the importance of caring for and maintaining it.

Likewise, we support the Association for the Conservation of Amazonian Biodiversity (ACOBIA)—– contributing to its important work through a donation destined to the carrying out of activities for the preservation of the Amazon ecosystem.

For the Jungle Experiences team, offering a wildlife-friendly experience is not an alternative, but rather the only possible way to transmit our deep love for the Amazon; the only way to make the opportunity to experience the authenticity of this land available to the traveler.

Check our upcoming departures and embark on your wildlife-friendly experience.

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