Perfectly equipped rooms with outdoor views, so every traveller aboard can enjoy an authentic Amazon expedition without giving up comfort and rest. ¡Fall in love with the Amatista Expedition Cabins!

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    All our cabins have outdoor views and are equipped with: air conditionning, a desk, a closet, a chest with drawers, 100% peruvian pima cotton bed linens, private bathroom with shower, hot water 24 hours a day, toiletries, hair dryer and smoke detectors. One of the cabins can fit three people.


Admire the immensity of the Amazon in a unique way

Observe a night full of stars from the observation deck, enjoy the relaxing sway of the river waters, breathe the Amazonian breeze, immerse yourself in the Amazon jungle… Uncover your five senses in the greatness of an area characterized by its mysticism.

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