One of the biggest steps made in 2019 was to develop a partnership with AmaTusZonas, a campaign to promote the Amazon Rainforest Peru conservation.

Furthermore, we were recognized by the World Travel Awards (WTA) as South America’s Leading River Cruise Company 2019, to the delight of everyone at Jungle Experiences Amazon Cruises!

2020 is being a hard year on all of us but we trust that we’ll come out of this one, as always. Our biggest goal for 2021 is to take care of our environment even more, with the support of all passengers who appreciate the experience of travelling to the lungs of our planet, as well as the support from the rest of our committed contributors.

Here is our wish list for 2021:

Continue working to protect the environment


In August 2019, we made a donation to Amazon Forever Org. to create an educational arapaima (fish paiche) pond. The objective of this project was to sensitize the local population about the importance of protection with this emblematic species.

Teach our clients about sustainable tourism in the Amazon

Jungle Experiences is committed to nature and tradition, that is why we teach tourists to take care of the environment and respect local communities and their rituals. Our goal is to harmoniously integrate our tours in the Peruvian Amazon.

Continue to offer a high quality service

In 2019 we were named “South America’s Leading River Cruise Company 2019” by the World Travel Awards, also known as the “Oscars of Travel and Tourism.” Our goal is to maintain this reputation for the remainder of this year and into 2021, so we will work to continue satisfying our customers and future travelers, who want to discover the best that the Peruvian Amazon has to offer.

Support the local economy

Nos sentimos responsables de promover la economía de las comunidades locales, al mostrar su artesanía en todos nuestros cruceros.

Make donations to recover wildlife

We want your experience in the Amazon to be unique. Help us to recover the fauna, to enjoy the diversity that the Amazon jungle of Peru offers.

Help our travelers connect with Mother Nature

The Peruvian Amazon is a gift for nature lovers, just entering the heart of the rainforest is an adventure in itself. We help our travelers to connect with flora and fauna in a unique way, with the different itineraries that we offer.

Promote tourism in the Amazon

We know that traveling to the Amazon rainforest is a unique experience, so it is our job to explain why it should be your next destination.

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