In August 2019, Jungle Experiences made a donation of $22,000 to Amazon Forever Org. for the construction of an educational arapaima (Paiche fish) pond. The aim of this project was to raise awareness among the local population, especially children, of the importance of this emblematic species, and encourage their collaboration in its conservation by respecting closed seasons and minimum catch sizes that contribute to sustainable fishing.

    Diego Rodríguez – CFO of Grupo Dorado, Javier Velasquez – President of Amazon Forever Org., Marco Geng – Operations Manager of Jungle Experiences. (from left to right).

      We help to protect the Amazon rainforest and, over the years, has contributed to strengthening sustainable tourism in the region. This has translated to working closely with local communities, providing them with resources to improve their quality of life and teaching them how to conserve their surroundings.

      At Jungle Experiences, we follow responsible ecotourism practices, including:

      Wildlife Conservation

      – Our skiffs use silencers to minimize the noise pollution that affects wildlife in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

      – It is strictly forbidden to touch wildlife during excursions.

      – Support for the Manatee Rescue Center (CREA) in Iquitos, which rehabilitates orphaned Amazonian manatees.

        Water and Energy Conservation

        – We encourage all passengers to refresh their towels only when necessary.

        – We ask passengers not to waste energy.

        Waste Treatment & Eco-Friendly Products

        – We have a wastewater treatment system on our cruise ships. All waste is treated with a smart sanitation system and storage tanks (domestic wastewater treatment plant – PETARD) that meet IMO and US Coast Guard standards. The result is 100% clean and sterile water that can be safely discharged into rivers. All the remaining waste is collected during the trip and recycled or responsibly disposed of upon disembarkation.

        – We only use biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products (ECOLAB) on all our cruises.


        – In a bid to eradicate the use of plastics, we give all our passengers a reusable metal water bottle.

        – We carefully sort waste for recycling on our cruise ships (plastics, organic waste, cardboard, paper, batteries).

        Social Responsibility and Local Economy

        – Depending on local people as suppliers of artisan goods forms part of our social responsibility. By doing so, we promote the local economy and, therefore, local culture. We display their products aboard our boats.

        – We hold awareness campaigns about the importance of environmental conservation in local communities through talks given by our naturalist guides.

        – We carry out different projects such as: a) Encouraging communities to be a factor of change. b) 3R campaigns (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Our paramedics and naturalists are in charge of visiting and carrying out these campaigns in local communities every two months.

        – 80% of our employees are from the community of Iquitos.

        Our message will always be in favor of caring for the Amazon.

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