Welcome New Year on a cruise, while travelling the mighty Amazon River

Welcome New Year on a cruise, while travelling the mighty Amazon River! The Jungle awaits you, to receive a New Year full of adventure, fun and mysticism… with Jungle Experiences personal touch! The Peruvian Rainforest brings together, the perfect combination of culture, traditions and biodiversity.

Would you like to start a new year celebrating aboard one of the best cruises in the Amazon? Let us tell you the incredible activities we are preparing for you.

A mystical new year on a cruise through the Amazon

Aboard our cruises, celebrate an incredible New Year in the Jungle. Participate in some of the most curious and exotic rituals and welcome the new year charged with energy!

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    • 12 Grapes Ritual: one minute before midnight, all passengers will receive a glass with 12 green and red grapes, and make a wish with each grape eaten. This is the perfect opportunity to hope for the accomplishment of all our goals during the year to come.
    • Basket with Good-Luck Charms: all our passengers will receive as a gift, a small basket full of a variety of objects and seeds. Did you know… that in the Amazon culture some seeds have spiritual meaning? This is the case of the “huayruros”, red and black colored seeds representing protection, fortune and well-being for those carrying it with them.
    • “Flower and Prosperity” Ritual: for this activity, our passengers will write down their purposes and resolutions on flowers and throw them in the river as an offering. This practice will be blessed by our Shaman woman.

    Celebrate New Year’s eve aboard a cruise in the Peruvian Amazon

    Enjoy live music with our band who will create the perfect atmosphere for a so special occasion. Experience a varied repertoire of Amazon, national and international musical work. Celebrate the best New Year on a cruise, with the personal touch of Jungle Experiences!

    Delightful Amazon Cuisine

    During your stay on our exceptional cruises, you’ll have the chance of trying out delicious stews typical from our Peruvian Amazon. You’ll also be able to toast with the most exquisite cocktails, prepared for this special moment.

    Without any doubt, the party celebration aboard one of our cruises during your New Year trip in the Jungle is guaranteed. Still, this is only one of the experiences you’ll have during your stay. Would you like to know the activities that will make your adventure a magical one? Keep on reading!

    1. An extraordinary visit: wake up with the most beautiful colors captured in the Amazon’s sky, witnesses of a magical moment of connection with our Mother Earth. Admire the sunrise over the largest river in the world. An unforgettable experience!

    2. Swim in the tributaries of the Amazon River: Can you imagine sharing with your friends all about your experience swimming in the largest river in the world? From our skiff boats, you’ll have the opportunity to dive in its waters.

    3. Discover the diversity from the heights: in the company of our local guides, who know every inch of our Jungle, observe a great variety of wildlife species; as well as its varied flora. From the suspension bridges, see it all from a different perspective and live a magical experience.

    Connect with nature in the Peruvian Amazon! Our years of experience in the Jungle, guarantee a magical experience in this place, awakening a unique connection with all the species and the culture of a region constantly breathing life.

    The Amazon awaits you! Let yourself live a beautiful and a once-in-a-lifetime New Year, together with Jungle Experiences.

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