The Peruvian Amazon jungle is a place of mystery and magic,

where exuberant nature and rich indigenous culture intertwine to create a perfect setting for countless legends and myths. These enchanting tales have been passed down from generation to generation, and in them we find a window into ancestral wisdom and a spiritual connection to the jungle.

The Song of the Pink Dolphins


One of the most beautiful legends of the Amazon is that of the pink dolphin, also known as “the river’s charmer”. According to local belief, these dolphins have the ability to transform themselves into attractive young men in order to seduce locals during full moon nights. It is said that the pink dolphins often choose the loneliest fishermen or hunters, and those who are seduced by their charm join them in the aquatic world forever.

The Yacuruna Encounter


The Yacuruna is a mythical creature of the Amazon, a powerful water spirit that dwells deep within the rivers. The Yacuruna is alleged to be the master of fish and other aquatic animals, and those who wish to succeed in aquatic fishing or hunting must ask for his permission and protection. It is believed that the Yacuruna can bestow gifts on those who respect him, but he can also punish those who offend him or exploit his resources.

The Myth of the Sachamama


The Sachamama is a giant mythical serpent believed to protect the hidden treasures of the jungle. According to legend, she is so large that she can encircle a giant tree with her body several times. The wise shamans of the Amazon tell stories about the Sachamama as a fierce but just guardian, and warn those seeking hidden treasures to show respect and wisdom to avoid her anger.

The Legend of the Kurupi


The Kurupi is a mysterious and mischievous figure from Amazonian mythology. This small, hairy being is believed to lurk in the jungle, especially near rivers and streams. The Kurupi is known to frighten night travelers, imitating voices and noises to lead them out of his way. Although its antics can be unsettling, the Kurupi is not malicious and is often seen as a protector of nature, warning trespassers to stay away from sacred areas.

Living the Legends at Jungle Experiences


At Jungle Experiences, we honor the traditions and legends of the Amazon, and seek to share these fascinating stories with our travelers. Our luxury Amazon River cruises through the Peruvian Amazon offer the opportunity to enter the jungle and immerse yourself in its mystery and magic. Accompanied by local guides and experts in Amazonian culture, travelers will have the opportunity to hear these legends from the mouths of their original storytellers, the wise shamans and elders of the indigenous communities.


Join us at Jungle Experiences and discover the richness of the legends of the Peruvian Amazon. Immerse yourself in a world of magical tales and fascinating myths as you navigate through the heart of the most enigmatic jungle on the planet.


Contact our team at and embark on a journey full of legends and wonders in the Amazon jungle.


The Jungle Experiences Team.

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