An unforgettable experience in the heart of the Peruvian jungle with our Luxury Amazon cruise

They merge into a unique experience in a destination that breathes life. In addition, on board Zafiro, La Perla and Amatista, our luxury cruises in the Amazon, you can enjoy all the amenities in a safe and comfortable space. The magic and immensity of the Peruvian Amazon is pure nature, biodiversity and culture. Here, we will tell you the unbelievable experience it is while meeting the pink dolphin, our Amazonian species. Keep reading!

  • Pink dolphin: Amazonian species.


There are 5 species of dolphins that live in rivers. However, the Amazon pink dolphin is the most popular, intelligent, and largest. Also called Boto or Bufeo, these species are known for being friendly and noble.

The pink river dolphin is found in much of the Amazon and Orinoco river basins in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, and Venezuela.

If you are an adventurer in search of unique experiences, do not forget to visit the Peruvian Amazon and meet this and other exotic animals of the place. At Jungle Experience, we strive to offer you an Amazon luxury cruise, so you can enjoy a wonderful trip as a couple or with the family. Discover the majesty of the Peruvian jungle and fall in love with it.

Did you know that the pink dolphin separated from its oceanic ancestors about 15 million years ago? According to Healy Hamilton, a biologist at the California Academy of Sciences, when that inland sea receded, Amazon dolphins remained in the river basin and evolved into one of the most striking species of Amazonian fauna. We are going to tell you some curious facts about these lovely species!

  • The weight and length of a female do not vary much in consideration to the male, it ranges between 150 kilograms, and they can measure up to about 2.9 meters.
  • When they are born they are gray, but upon reaching longevity, they turn pink. It should be noted that males have this tone more accentuated than females.
  • They breathe every 30 to 110 seconds. They are also capable of launching wide jets of water through their hole from their dorsal part.
  • They swim up to 30 kilometers a day, they usually swim slowly in search of food at the bottom of the river.

So now you know, aboard our luxury cruises through the Amazon, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of these unique creatures.

  • Discover the Peruvian jungle, aboard the best cruises through the Amazon.


The great tropical forest of South America is full of the most diverse flora and fauna on the continent, and the Peruvian Amazon is specifically one of the areas with the greatest biodiversity on the planet. Also is considered the Peruvian biogeographic region with the smallest human population.


It is very important to mention that in the great Peruvian Amazon there are 14,712 species of animals (8,000 unique), among them, 700 kinds of butterflies, 282 of birds, 625 of insects, 250 of reptiles, 2,000 of fish, unique mammals, etc., many of them are endemic. 20,000 or more botanical species, with up to 100 species found in an area of 1 km². And still, there are many more zoological and botanical species to discover.

When talking about the Peruvian jungle, it is essential to mention Pacaya Samiria, the largest National Reserve. One of the most important areas in the world that preserve biodiversity. It should be noted that it can only be accessed by river. So if you want to be in contact with the most beautiful part of our nature, this is an opportunity you cannot miss… You will not regret visiting this National Reserve!

Our luxury cruises will take you on a tour to the Peruvian jungle, where you can observe the great biodiversity that inhabits it. You will see the pink dolphins in all their splendor.

Discover our travel packages alone or together with your ideal partner, and plan your next trip with just one click.

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