Jungle Experiences Amazon River Cruises was recognized as “South America´s leading river cruise company 2022”, winning the award for the 4th consecutive year.

World Travel Awards, known as the “Oscars” in tourism, distinguishes Jungle Experiences Amazon River Cruises, Peruvian company with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, for its quality and excellence in the service.

One more time, Jungle Experiences Amazon River Cruises has the honor to participate and obtain this great recognition by World Travel Awards, one of the most important awards in tourism, for its vast trajectory of more than 30 years in the industry, as well as the high quality and luxury services offered. Without a doubt, this award motivates us to continue offering unforgettable experiences to each and every one of our passengers.

“Winning for the 4th consecutive year shows the commitment of our travelers and motivates us to continue offering the highest quality service on our cruises. As Jungle Experiences, we are ambassadors of Perú and our goal is that each experience becomes unforgettable for our guests”.

“For the ones who chose us, we express our profound gratitude for your preference”, mentioned Claudia Rodriguez, CEO at Jungle Experiences Amazon River Cruises.

The evolution of this company is due to the wonderful work of our team, that is continuously trained to adapt to the challenges that happen throughout the way. For that, during the last few years, we have been innovating on our itineraries and included themed departures that offer an added value to the travelers with different experiences, such as self-healing and motivational departures, as well as yoga and wellness departures, activities that are hosted by leaders in their field and allow the travelers to connect mind, body and soul during their trip through the Amazon, in the ideal location to connect with nature.

Jungle Experiences in strongly committed with sustainability, offering continuous support to local communities, providing them with resources that help them improve their quality of life, as well as using 100% ecological products on board the cruises, hence contributing with the preservation of the environment.

Moreover, Jungle Experiences is active collaborator with non-profits organizations such as Amazon Forever, taking care of the white sand forests in the Amazon, as well as CREA (Manatees Rescue Center), helping endangered animal species.

Jungle Experiences in the only family owned river cruise company in Peru, hiring local people only and strongly contributing with the economy in the Peruvian Amazon.

The emblematic vessel in Jungle Experiences is Zafiro, luxury river cruise, together with La Perla Adventure cruise and Amatista Expedition cruise, offering an array of cruise options for every traveler´s interests.

Zafiro luxury cruise, with an elegant design and spectacular panoramic windows from floor to ceiling, 19 suites for 40 travelers, who can enjoy a spa on board, exercise room and massage room, indoor and outdoor bars, an incredible outdoor Jacuzzi, ideal to enjoy panoramic views of the river and breathtaking sunsets surrounded by vegetation and characteristic sounds of the animals and insects in the Peruvian Amazon.

La Perla adventure cruise, with a capacity for 30 travelers in 14 cabins, has a reading room, bar, hammocks area with a privileged observation deck to appreciate the flora and fauna as they sail along the Peruvian Amazon.

Amatista expedition cruise, a traditional looking cruise with 15 cabins, capacity for 29 travelers, bar, reading room and deck. For travelers who wish to live an original experience traveling along the Amazon, as it used to be traditionally, on a historic boat.

All the vessels offer the travelers unique itineraries to sail along the Pacaya-Samiria buffer zone, rivers Ucayali, Marañon and Amazon, for 4, 6 and 8 days. Two to three excursions a day include birdwatching and searching for animals in their natural habitat from the skiffs, piranha fishing, swimming in the river, authentic blessings performed by a local shaman, always accompanied by naturalist guides that are biologists and know the jungle like no one else can.

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