¿Did you imagine what is a truly overseas adventure travel? ¿Do you know what exotic fruits can you find in the jungle? Prepare for a dreaming travel adventure.

In the Amazon you find exotic fruits with incredible healing effects. It is surprising to what extent in nature we can find foods with so many healthy properties.

The truth is that the Amazon is an inexhaustible source of delicious and exotic fruits and vegetables. Foods directly related to nature whose properties have contributed to the survival of the indigenous communities of the jungle, and that you can enjoy on your trip to the Peruvian Amazon!

On board your Amazonian cruise you can enjoy an experience that will exhilarate your five senses: especially for taste! The fruits that you will discover next, besides having magnificent properties for your health, will enchant your palate—– allowing you enjoy the most exotic flavors.

On your walk through the Nauta market you will have the opportunity to acquire them and taste them all! }

Aguaje: 20 times more vitamin A than carrots or spinach

Discover the pulp of this delicious fruit! This, in addition to being super tasty, contains a large amount of vitamin A and other nutrients that make it the perfect ally for the protection of the body and the prevention of diseases.

Aguaje is surprisingly nutritious. How can such a small fruit contribute so much to the human body? It is said that in only 20 days of eating based on Aguaje, it is possible to eliminate the symptoms linked to child malnutrition! A fact that lets us understand the wonderful potential of this delight.

You will not want to leave the Amazon without carrying some of these fruits in your suitcase.

Acai: 33 times more antioxidants than the black grape

Acai has been popularized worldwide for its incredible properties: its high content of fiber, antioxidants and fatty acids, as well as protecting our health by the absorbing fats.

Originally from the Amazon, this fruit looks similar to the black grape: round, small and violet. Learn about the origin of one of the most fashionable foods to detoxify the body and take care of your health!

In fact, Acai is also said to be a perfect ally for a healthy body inside and beautiful body on the outside: this fruit has many benefits for the skin, promotes blood circulation and gives us energy, so that we get to fell healthier and more rejuvenated.

You will want to introduce this delicious fruit to your diet!

Camu Camu: 40 times more vitamin C than an orange

Did you think that orange was the fruit with the highest amount of vitamin C? Camu Camu surpases it! In addition, it acts as a natural antidepressant: it helps us to free ourselves from stress and enhances our state of well-being!

Discover the most natural way to take care of yourself inside and out with this delicious Amazonian fruit.

The taste of its pulp, when the fruit is ripe, is slightly acidic, similar to that of the cherry. A delight that you will want to discover!

Don’t leave without tasting it!

Macambo: seeds with bittersweet flavor that enhance your wellbeing

Macambo belongs to the cocoa family and its seeds provide us with extra energy during intense days.

Working as a natural source of well-being, introducing the seeds of Macambo in your diet helps you feel radiant all day.

A delicious snack that you will want to include in all your salads recipes when you return from the Peruvian Amazon.

The jungle of the Amazon is, in short, the origin of an infinity of delicious fruits and vegetables with great properties for your health and well-being. In Jungle Experiences we understand the trip as a way to immerse yourself in the destination, to know its customs, culture and its culinary scene as well!

That is why identifying and tasting the exotic fruits of the jungle will be an essential part of your trip aboard our Amazonian cruises.

Start planning your trip now! Check out our special promotions and … discover all of the flavors of the Amazon!

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