Family vacation transforms us, discovering new things about us and allowing connecting with ourselves…

Family vacation is one of the most fascinating ways to discover, broaden horizons and understand ourselves much better. Children are not an exception; they also grow up with every new discovery and every step to unknown lands.

Traveling has uncountable benefits for adult people. But, when we talk about children, these benefits have a different effect. The trip is not only the extraordinary way to share special moments with your family but it is also a wonderful tool to learn and discover.

Throughout the trip, children will get different situations that lead them to put into practice their flexibility, patience and adaptability. Furthermore, with every new experience, the youngest ones will learn to make their own decisions.

By the same token, travelling to a place with culture and history other than their own one makes the experience into a space to learn and discover and, therefore, an opportunity for the children development and their growing maturity.

With every new trip, little boys and girls improve their powers of observation and these improvements allow them to have more critical and reflexive thoughts that will stay with them along their whole life.

Moreover, they are also improving their explorer instinct and their capability to get surprised, since, as all of us know, curiosity is one of the most amazing qualities of little children.

Every discovery is a great achievement and a real learning for them. And it’s because we want them to learn and enjoy their Amazonas cruise as everybody does that we have created the YOUNG EXPLORER ALFA program, a plan of several activities that will increase their connection to nature and their interest in the huge diversity which
Amazonas possesses.

At the first moment children start their trip towards the immensity of the Amazon jungle, they will be given a series of challenge. Will they be capable to identify more animals than the others? Will they be brave enough to fish piranhas following the traditional technics of Amazonas? Will they be fast enough to take photos of all the
bird species?

With every challenge achieved, our guides will give different scores to boys and girls. Who will be the bravest explorer? At the end of the experience, the young adventurers will receive their prize.

The program includes open-air challenges to discover the Amazon forecast like birdwatching or taking photos of the reptiles; activities on board like cooking classes or drawing workshops and we also offer other adventures in the jungle, like swimming near dolphins, fishing piranhas or hiking through the jungle looking for animal life.

All these activities will be guided and supervised by our guides on board, who will be in charged to provide the children a safe and funny adventure.

Started planning your trip today! If you wish more information, write to us at

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