Discovering Peru is a fascinating experience. Our Amazon Cruises offers a variety of impressive ecosystems, landscapes, culture, traditions, flora, fauna … and, of course, its delicious and renowned gastronomy.

From the Amazon to the desert, to the high peaks of the Andes, the country engages
with its incredible contrasts. Although the reasons to visit our country are endless,
we want highlight 7 reasons why Peru, and specially the Peruvian jungle, should be
your next destination.

1. History lives in the Amazon Jungle

The Peruvian jungle, like the rest of the regions, is filled with attractive tourism elements.
In Iquitos, the capital of the Peruvian Amazon, you can visit La Casa de Fierro located in the heart of the city center, this historic building, is one of the places that holds many stories for the tourist that visits the city.

Did you know … “La Casa de Fierro”, was designed by the artist Gustave Eiffel? The same artist that designed the most emblematic tower in Paris and that bears his name.

Currently, this building is part of Peru´s Historic and Cultural Heritage. On its second level, you will find a restaurant that will surprise you with delicious stews.

2. Gastronomy, a pleasure to discover.

The diversity and richness of Peruvian gastronomy is without a doubt one of the great ambassadors of Peru abroad.

The Peruvian jungle, hosts an exquisite gastronomy, valued, and loved around the world. A delicious combination of exotic and natural resources combined with one of a kind culinary technique.

Amazon gastronomy has unique recipes such as the tacacho with cecina, patarascha and much more. Indeed, a delight to the palate of many.

    3. A boundless geography to discover with our Amazon Cruises itineraries

    Each place in Peru is unique, and the jungle is wonderful. The exuberant Peruvian Amazon show beautiful landscape to each of our travelers, highlighting the unique flora and fauna of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, the largest Peruvian protected area (more than 20 thousand hectares).

    The Amazon River, the longest and mightiest in the world (with more water than the Nile River), is home to the famous pink dolphins and becomes part of a unique nature show each time the sun sets.

    4. The Amazon Party: mysticism, nature, and freedom

    In Iquitos, the capital of the Peruvian Amazon, you feel the exotic since you step on the city! The customs, beliefs and different cultures that extend throughout the jungle, are expressed through different celebrations where Mother Earth is one of the main characters.

    Catholicism is one of the religions that has merged with Amazonian traditions and, has managed to remain strong in this area of ​​the country.
    One of the most important festivals in the jungle region is San Juan, which celebrates the birth of San Juan Bautista as a Christian. In Iquitos, it is tradition to celebrate this date eating juane, a gastronomic delicacy for many travelers.

    5. Music, an axiom element in our culture.

    What is a party without music? Peru doesn´t know because we carry rhythm and harmony in our blood. Music is a language many local people use to communicate.

    In fact, it is thought that the first Peruvians to venture into music were from the Nasca culture (Northern Coast Region). They created their own musical instruments that allowed them to maximize their artistic expression.

    In the Peruvian jungle, music is an essential part of celebrations and festivities, as well as part of the cultural expression of indigenous communities.

    6. Blessing from nature.

    Perú, is one of the 10 most mega-diverse countries in the world, due to the richness of natural resources, flora and fauna.

    Moreover, it has more than 28 climates which have created unique ecosystems that are home to an immense variety of living things.
    On another note, the Peruvian jungle enjoys pristine locations, as it is so vast that scientists keep on finding amazing things that surprise the entire world.

    7. The warmth of the people.

    Peruvians are known to be kind. Also, they cherish a great connection with their ancestors, feeling proud of their customs and traditions.

    There are many more reasons that will make you fall in love with Peru in every way, so, do you wish to set sail on this magical adventure?

    Book with confidence and travel with us later.

    Take a look at our Amazon Cruises itineraries and dare to discover the Amazon with Jungle Experiences.

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