The healthsafety, and well-being of our passengers, as well as that of our crew, are top priority at Jungle Experiences. For this reason, we are applying all the safety protocols and sanitary care measures required so that you feel safe both on board our cruises and on land during excursions.

    During these months of crisis due to COVID-19, we have worked together with health organizations to improve the health and safety measures that are applied to each of our vessels: Zafiro, La Perla, and Amatista.

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      Why discover the Peruvian Amazon safely with Jungle Experiences?

      The maximum capacity per boat is 40 passengers, being a small group of people, it gives you the following benefits:

      A personalized service, spacious private areas, unique entertainment on board, and exclusive excursions.

      You will have a personalized trip to live the best experience in the Peruvian jungle.

      Better security control on each boat.

      In addition, the disinfection process is faster.

      Each client’s health can be closely monitored

      Our flexible booking policies allow you to re-book and postpone your trip at no charge to experience a truly authentic and memorable trip.

      Enhanced health and safety Protocols


      Here is a list the safety protocols and health measures that we are going to implement in each of our cruises.

      1. Ozone generators to disinfect all suites.

      Before check-in, we will use one of the most effective equipment for the disinfection and elimination of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, as well as harmless to humans: Ozone Generators.

      With this disinfection process, the cabins will be completely clean and disinfected from any dangerous residue that may affect the health of our passengers.

      OZONE Treatment.

      The use of ozone gas to disinfect the air and surfaces is a better option than other disinfectants due to its rapid decomposition, without leaving hazardous residues for the passenger.

      The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends ozone as the most effective disinfectant to eliminate all kind of microorganisms.

      2. Our pre-boarding controls.

      Each of our passengers will undergo the necessary medical check-ups before boarding. If someone is considered at risk, additional tests will be submitted for the safety of all.

      Temperature control

      Temperature controls will be carried out on each of the crew members on board throughout the trip. This procedure will allow us to identify any potential health risk on the boats.

      Health controls on the crew.

      The crew is fully prepared for you to live a unique experience in the Peruvian jungle. For this reason, each member of our crew will undergo an exhaustive health check before and during the trip

      Health checks will be carried out by a specialist doctor on an interim basis. Each control will be reported in a document: Jungle Experiences Medical Pass, which will monitor the health of each crew member.

      The entire team must undergo the test to discard COVID-19 before beginning operations.

      Baggage disinfection

      All baggage from each of our passengers will go through a disinfection process before boarding.

      3. Enhanced sanitary care measures.

      In compliance with the protocols established by the Ministry of Health (MINSA), each cruise is cleaned and disinfected before setting sail. Moreover, Jungle Experiences will intensify the cleaning and disinfection of high-traffic public areas and contact points.

      After every boarding and disembarkation, a disinfection procedure will be carried out. On another note, the cabins and other public areas of the boats are going to be cleaned and disinfected frequently. To improve the disinfection of cruise ships, the following actions will take place:

      Each passenger will receive a mask as a gift.

      The cleaning frequency. Disinfection and cleaning of public areas frequency will be increased. In addition, all cabins will be cleaned three times a day.

      Antibacterial gel dispenser. Each deck will have hand sanitizers in a visible and accessible location. In addition, our staff will provide this gel before entering and after leaving the dining room.

      Full board service. All meals, as well as the drinking stations, will comply with all the necessary protocols.

      Personal hygiene. We will request all passengers to carry out personal sanitary measures: wash their hands frequently, cover their nose and mouth with a handkerchief or forearm, when coughing or sneezing.

      4. Responsible Social Distancing.

      In order to guarantee responsible social distancing, we will monitor the capacity of public areas frequently throughout the trip.

      Transfer to the boarding port. The buses that will transport passengers will go through the same control protocols mentioned above. Each passenger will have an assigned seat on the transfer bus. This is to keep the required social distancing measures.

      Social distancing on board. The activities in each of the boats will be carried out as regularly, reducing and controlling the capacity. In addition, slight modifications will be made in some cruise areas to ensure compliance with the required social distance. Depending on the cruise capacity, the following has been implemented: if it is at 50% of its capacity, meals will be served in two shifts: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

      Our priority always will be, to take all the precautions and necessary measures in order to guarantee the good health and safety of each of our passengers and crew members.

      5. Enhanced medical resources.

      We will have a paramedic on board, duly trained to attend any possible case of COVID-19, as well as other illnesses. The paramedic will have the following kits and supplies available to carry out his tasks:

      COVID-19 tests with fast results.

      Supplies to attend other types of diseases or ailments.

      Constant training on health, safety, and constant training for our crew.

      In addition, Jungle Experiences has added a new member to the team: Public Health Director – Responsible for supervising and improving all disinfection and infection prevention processes

      6. The safety of our cruises is extended all the way to shore.

      As a precautionary measure, there might be slight changes in the itineraries, since we will visit only open and safe ports.
      Our priority is to give you the best experience in the Peruvian jungle while making you feel as safe as possible with our renovated safety protocols.

        Remember: if there are changes in the itinerary, you will always be informed in advance.

        With Jungle Experiences you can live an authentic experience in the Peruvian Amazon, traveling with complete peace of mind thanks to the health and safety protocols that we have improved, in addition to having flexible reservations, which will allow you to book and if necessary, change your travel dates in the future at no additional cost.

        Decide to travel with freedom and inner peace, change your plans according to your needs, and travel at ease, knowing that Jungle Experiences takes care of your health and well-being.

        As always, we are excited and fully prepared to welcome you back on board as soon as global travel restrictions are lifted.

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