Celebrate your wedding in an Amazon cruise: A dream come true!

The Peruvian jungle invites you to celebrate your wedding aboard cruises designed for disconnection, relaxation and exploration. Where adventure and mysticism in the Amazon will be the true protagonists.

A destination that invites us to create unforgettable experiences. We give you the best recommendations to make the most important day of your life come true. Don’t miss all the details!

  • Celebrate a wedding aboard an Amazon cruise!

At Jungle Experiences we know that marriage is one of the most unforgettable experiences in life. Therefore, a truly unique and attractive plan is to spend it on board a cruise, with all the comforts of a luxury hotel combined with activities designed to experience adventure to the fullest.

In addition, if you are a nature lover, celebrating your marriage in a private cruise with a panoramic view from your room will be, without a doubt, a truly fascinating experience.

  • Are you looking for original ideas for a wedding?

We are committed to create unique experiences in the heart of the Amazon, with a sense of love and respect for nature. Our service is provided with an absolute quality and comfort, focused on turning our clients’ stay into high standards experiences.

Therefore, regardless of your tastes, we guarantee you a dream cruise so that you can celebrate a wedding on a cruise, it can be also an engagement or your desired honeymoon aboard our Amazon cruise line.

In addition, we have itineraries that include the best exploration and adventure activities, both on board the cruise ships and on land. You can enjoy a hike with guided tours to the depths of the jungle, boat trips in search of exotic Amazonian species, traditional fishing for piranhas, sight-seeing of pink dolphins, among many others.


There is nothing more romantic than observing the Amazonian landscape traveling through the colorful sunset in the jungle. An opportunity to be inspired and find the perfect words to know what to say in your vows.

Likewise, being surrounded by nature in its purest state, the green color will stand out amazingly in your photographs. Even if you celebrate your wedding a little before sunset, you will have natural light in warm colors, and later at night, you and your guests can enjoy the celebration under a starry sky.

  • Plan a wedding on an Amazon cruise!

Jungle Experiences has everything you need to make your wedding truly beautiful. A dream come true! Within our itineraries, you will find fantastic options on board, perfectly personalized for you and your future spouse. It’s time to plan!

Book your wedding cruise and enjoy exclusive benefits created especially for you. Click here for more details.

Contact us at info@junglexperiences.com.


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