As seasons shift in the Amazon rainforest, so do its vibrant residents

Bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike are drawn to the captivating experience of birdwatching, which reveals the avian wonders of the region. At Jungle Experiences, we invite you to embark on a journey to witness the fascinating transition of bird species during both the High Water Season and the Low Water Season, spanning from June to November.

  • The Magic of Changing Seasons

The High Water Season, known as the Crescendo season, and the Low Water Season, known as the Low Tide season, from June to November, mark a captivating transition in the Amazon. These periods are characterized by shifting weather patterns and water levels, which, in turn, influence the presence of bird species. While some birds depart in search of nesting grounds elsewhere during the Crescendo, others arrive to take advantage of the newfound resources during the Low Tide.

  • The Dance of Diversity

One of the remarkable aspects of birdwatching during both the High Water Season and the Low Water Season is the ever-changing cast of characters. From the vibrant hues of macaws to the stealthy presence of herons, the rainforest transforms into a theater of avian diversity. Each species plays a role in the intricate web of life, contributing to the ecosystem’s balance

  • Spotlight on Avian Highlights

Our naturalist guides will assist you in spotting some of the Amazon’s most extraordinary avian species during both the High Water Season and the Low Water Season. From the striking Scarlet Macaw to the agile Amazon Kingfisher, you’ll be immersed in the breathtaking world of birdwatching. Our guides will share insights about the behavior, habitats, and migration patterns of these remarkable creatures.

  • The Enigmatic Hoatzin

The Hoatzin, also known as the “Stinkbird,” is a bird of particular intrigue during both the High Water Season and the Low Water Season. With its prehistoric appearance and distinct odor caused by its diet, this bird has captured the curiosity of birdwatchers worldwide. Our guides will offer you an opportunity to observe the Hoatzin and learn about its unique characteristics.

  • Capturing the Moments

Birdwatching in the Amazon is not just about observing; it’s about capturing moments that unfold in the wild. With your binoculars and camera ready, you’ll have the chance to document these stunning birds in their natural habitats. Whether it’s the vibrancy of their plumage or the elegance of their flight, every encounter becomes a memory to treasure.”

Both the High Water Season and the Low Water Season provide a window into thedynamic world of Amazonian birds. With each passing month, new species grace thestage, creating a captivating narrative of migration and adaptation. At Jungle Experiences, weinvite you to join us on a journey to witness this avian spectaclefirsthand. Contact us at and embark on an unforgettableadventure in the heart of the jungle.

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