Live a different experience of the Peruvian Amazon in the cruise zafiro

This is a day in the heart of the Amazon— a day spent discovering the beat of a land unique for its diversity, its grandeur, its landscapes, and its sunsets. Are you ready? Let’s sail!

We start the day very early– there is so much to discover! Our guides know exactly the best time for bird watching, which is why at 6:30 AM we get out of bed and embark on a boat excursion expedition. During this excursion, we will discover the most exotic bird species. How many will you be able to identify?

Time to recharge! After our first expedition we will enjoy a complete breakfast prepared with fresh produce extracted directly from the Amazon jungle.

We are going out again in search of wild life. This time we set out to explore rivers and streams. For about three hours we will sharpen the senses to see parrots, macaws and saki monkeys in the trees along the banks of the river. Our naturalist guides will identify medicinal plants, insects, birds, and snakes throughout the expedition.

Back at the Zafiro, lunch is served. It’s time to relax and enjoy a delicious meal on board. The dining room of the Zafiro allows us not to miss out on the views as we advance through the Amazon. Through the panoramic windows that surround it we have the opportunity to continue admiring the grandeur of everything that surrounds us.

Time to Relax! After an intense morning, nap time is the best time to take a break and recharge. Later on we will continue to explore! Now it’s time to enjoy a swim in our jacuzzi overlooking the Amazon, read a good book in the indoor or outdoor lounge, take a nap or sunbathe in the armchair area of the cruise, or enjoy a relaxing massage.

We are going out again! On this occasion we will visit the local communities. We will have the opportunity to swim in the waters of the Amazon and we will enter a world that will show us a different way of life by getting to know the inhabitants of the jungle on a first hand basis.

Upon returning to Zafiro, we are in for a pleasant surprise: traditional live music by the crew band. Enjoy a few moments of fun while savoring a delicious cocktail prepared with exotic fruits from the region, followed by a delicious dinner.

Time to share our experience with those who know the Amazon better than anyone: our naturalist guides. We meet with them for a small talk, which includes geographic orientation.

The Amazon transforms and takes on another color and sound at sunset. We will discover it with a nocturnal expedition in which we can admire the reflection of the trees on the black waters of the river and enjoy a symphony like never before. We will experience the species that come to life at night on the banks of the Amazon, animals that sleep, the curious creatures among the trees … There is a whole world to discover!

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