A dream for more than one: a luxurious cruise in the Amazon. Enjoying this experience with your romantic partner, is something you’ll remember forever. Many newly married couples want to live their honeymoon in an unforgettable and special way.

In Jungle Experiences we tell you why, living this experience with us in the Peruvian Rainforest, is what you’re looking for.

The jungle is one of the best destinations to fill us up with emotions.

In what respects to choices, Jungle Experiences gives you the chance of living your journey, in our Zafiro Luxury Amazon Cruise, with every detail perfectly taken into account. Imagine waking up every morning in your Zafiro suite with a panoramic 180ºAmazonview. A great inspiration for newlyweds!

Our Zafiro suite offers you a private balcony to connect with nature and moreover, to keep the love flame alive, surrounded by the exoticism of the Amazon.

Every detail is provided by the Amazon.  

Live your adventure with us, we’ll connect you with mother earth during each of our outings. Our naturalist guides will help you, at your own rhythm, discover the flora, fauna and culture surrounding the Amazon River.

Sit back and enjoy the scenery as you drink your glass of wine, observing the Amazon river go by. An amazon rainforest honeymoon can be both relaxing and adventurous. We have Amazon river cruise itineraries aboard boats in Peru, sailing through the pristine wilderness of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

You can expect spacious and relaxing honeymoon suites, delicious meals, exciting jungle excursions and breathtaking sunrises on your relaxing Amazon River cruise.

A luxury cruise with the best for you.

Our itineraries include ideal and fantastic experiences for you to enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon, making the most out of each particular area. Surround yourself with nature thanks to our panoramic windows in every suite, in addition to our common outdoor areas.

Aboard the Zafiro, you’ll enjoy luxurious spa treatments, a comfortable lounge-bar and an outdoor jacuzzi

Let everyone know about it!

You are the protagonist! Enjoy your journey and don’t forget to take photos to mark the special moments spent together with us, in the Peruvian Jungle.

A breath taking experience!

The Amazon will continue being a unique and exotic destination par excellence. Its places, traditions, ancestral techniques and much more can be part of your honeymoon.

Memorable in every sense of the word! Live these exciting experiences with your better half during your honeymoon. Let nature be the witness of your love!

Enjoy the benefits we offer for your honeymoon aboard the Zafiro, luxurious cruise in the Amazon, have a beautiful experience:

  • Romantic bed decorated with silky rose petals.
  • A delicious sparkling wine for a special moment.
  • Free suite upgrade from the first deck to the second deck.
  • A beautiful flower ritual to bless your union.

Conoce nuestras promociones y próximas salidas y vive estas experiencias en pareja, más aún si será para tu luna de miel. ¡Qué el testigo de tu amor sea la naturaleza! ¡Síguenos en nuestro

Learn about our promotions and next departures. Live this experience with your romantic partner, during your honeymoon. Let nature be the witness of your happiness. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram y Twitter!

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