The Amazonian Jungle keeps enchanting us: we find beauty in every bit of it, created by the delicate hand of Mother Nature, without a doubt. This is why we know that the environment must be taken care of and what better people to learn and understand this than children.

Given these circumstances, Jungle Experiences sponsored the Huayo Show and the Planet Saviors on August 18th, hoping it would generate an ‘Environmental Culture’ in the little ones. This show seeks to inspire love for nature in kids, as well as the commitment to create a more responsible society through games, art, music and dancing.

This show aims to impact 10 000 children and in this edition we have reached 250 children of limited resources from the I.E.N N° 601491 Madre Teresa de Calcuta School in the San Juan Bautista district – Iquitos.

The children were picked up at 10am from their school towards the San Agustín School Auditorium. At the end of the day there was a great response from them, generating love for nature and a strong sense of hope for environmental change in the next generations.

If you wish to know more about The Peruvian Community of Change Representatives ‘Planet Savior’ and Jungle Experiences, follow us at our Facebook page or write and e-mail to us at

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