Pacaya Samiria National Reserve known as the "Jungle of Mirrors"

Visiting the heart of the Peruvian jungle is an experience everyone should live once in a lifetime in all its dimensions, but visiting it while sailing aboard a luxury cruise is raising the experience to unbeatable levels. In this article you will learn about the itinerary aboard our Zafiro cruise, exploring the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, the largest natural reserve in Peru. Keep reading! 

First day:

Upon landing in Iquitos, a vibrant sun will welcome you. The experience begins with the transfer to the port of embarkation. While we tour the city, you will sight hints of a tropical destination that is characterized by the joy of its thriving people.

Once in your suite, enjoy the views of the wonders of nature from the floor-to-ceiling windows, which serve as a giant screen. This experience not only delights the eye, but also the palate. During lunchtime, we offer a buffet with a very varied gastronomic proposal that includes a combination of peruvian dishes from the Coast and Jungle, everything is prepared by the chef on board with fresh local ingredients.  Exquisite drinks and desserts that make more than one sigh. After recharging, the adventure awaits. 

With a lifevest and insect repellent on, our travelers will be ready for the first boat excursion, feeling the wind while the jungle becomes an increasingly pictorial setting with the astonishing sunset. It will be impossible not to want to photograph everything, the captivating beauty of our Amazon is omnipresent. 

As the hours go by, when the sky darkens and the stars reveal themselves, the sounds of the jungle will create a magical place for adventure and exploration. The guides will lead the eyes of our travelers to detect hidden life species in the darkness. A fascinating experience. 

Second day:

To start the second day, all our travelers will be transferred to a part of the river where they will enjoy a picnic breakfast experience outdoors, in the outskirts of Pacaya Samiria, tasting delicious juices and food.  

Later, in another part of the reserve, the sky will allow you to see exotic birds of the jungle with particular songs. Did you know that the Peruvian jungle is home to more than 400 species of birds? According to a latest study, around 449 species have been recorded, including a large number of waterfowl, such as the white heron, the heron puma and the cushuri. 

Likewise, while you sail along the Amazon River you will be able to listen to the chorus of a herd of pink dolphins, one of the most iconic species of Amazonian fauna. These mammals are not seen so regularly, so witnessing them will certainly be a once in a lifetime experience. Their sightings are intermittent and unforgettable. 

Then, you can take a kayak ride and swim in the river, ideal activities for adventure lovers, since you will be in contact with the water. A refreshing and fun moment. 

During the afternoon, you will visit a local community, where you can purchase handicrafts made by local artisan women, in this way you can contribute with their local economy. Jungle Experiences promotes positive and responsible tourism that contributes with the economic revitalization of the area. For this reason, these hand-made artifacts are not only exhibited during the tour, but also in the boutique onboard Zafiro luxury cruise. 

Moreover, you will also learn about the culture and tradition of indigenous communities through a guided tour and interaction with their local day to day life activities. You will also learn ancestral cooking recipes on the most representative typical stews of Amazonian gastronomy, such as juane, tacacho with cecina, among others. 

To wrap up for the day, our travelers will participate in a blessing ceremony with a lady Shaman that starts with a talk about her healing practices using the medicinal attributes of plant and how she prepared for this admirable labor. 

Another final activity for this day is the ceremony for planting a tree, each traveler can participate and in this way leave a positive footprint in their path along the Amazon. Trees generate life through oxygen production, air purification and the formation of fertile soils. This activity is undoubtedly one of the most important and necessary to promote planet care. 

Third day:

The wind gusts and the sound of nature in the background… 
The third day will begin with a walk on suspension bridges in the middle of the Peruvian jungle. An adrenaline-filled experience crossing over 3,000 feet above the Amazon River. 

Then, they will participate in the piranha fishing activity in a part of the Amazon River. This exotic fish species is native to the Amazon and is known for its teeth that are as sharp as a razor. Piranha fishing is a great opportunity to get closer to nature, in total safety with the assistance with our expert guides. 

To close the day, travelers will enjoy a live music and dancing show hosted by our crew on board, the perfect way to celebrate this amazing experience. 

Fourth day:

To start the fourth day touring the Peruvian jungle, our travelers will take a walk in the jungle and encounter with the famous Victoria Regia or water lily, the largest aquatic flower in the world. Did you know that its leaves measure up to 3 meters in diameter? For this reason, it reaches up to 8 meters in length. 

Now, imagine you are sailing along the Amazon River on a luxurious cruise ship, when suddenly you hear the chorus of a pod of dolphins. Thus, to end the fourth day it is possible, with a little bit of luck, that travelers may encounter the pink dolphins, one of the most representative species of Amazonian fauna, which lives exclusively in fresh water. 

Fifth day:

The last activity on the itinerary is a visit to CREA (Amazon Rescue Center), which to date has rescued 54 manatees and released 28, in addition to other species that are victims of illegal trafficking. However, thanks to the extraordinary work of the collaborators at this rescue center, these animals are able to return to their natural habitat in protected areas. This activity also includes a visit to the Aquarium, where you can observe and learn about local fish, including the famous paiche that stands out for its size. 

This is how we close the experience aboard our river cruises. 5 days and 4 nights in which you can learn, explore and discover the wonderful Peruvian jungle from different perspectives. 

Have you already planned your next vacation? Choose your ideal itinerary and embark on a once in a lifetime adventure. 

Contact us! 

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