Embark on an unforgettable adventure through the heart of the Amazon Rainforest with cruises to Peru, where you can explore the breathtaking Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. This reserve is one of the largest protected areas in Peru and is home to a rich and diverse ecosystem that includes over 500 species of birds, 100 species of mammals, and an incredible array of plant life. It’s a top destination for nature lovers. With its hugely unique biodiversity, this reserve is one of the most splendid gifts Mother Nature has given us.

With Jungle Experiences, during your Amazon River cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to witness some of the most stunning vegetation in the world, including towering trees, vibrant flowers, and lush greenery. The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is also home to a variety of unique and fascinating creatures, such as pink river dolphins, giant otters, and jaguars.

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1. Victoria amazonica:

One of the most iconic plants found in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve is the Victoria Amazonica. Also known as the victoria regia, this plant belongs to the Nymphaeaceae family and is considered the largest water lily in the world. Thanks to its size, birds of the Amazon use it as a rest stop.

On our excursions, you’ll get to see this wonderful plant that only grows in the shallow waters of the Amazon. The Victoria Amazonica blooms at night, producing beautiful white flowers that emit a sweet fragrance. It is truly a wonder to behold during your cruises to Peru.

Fun fact: Its leaves can reach up to 10 feet wide!

2. Heliconia Rostrata.

Another beautiful plant that you may encounter during your Amazon River cruise is the Heliconia Rostrata. Known as the false bird of paradise or hanging lobster claw, this plant stands out thanks to its exquisite flowers. Its stems can reach up to 6.5 feet tall, resulting in very large plants.

Its flowers are also on the larger side, reaching slightly over 3 feet. Hummingbirds can often be spotted collecting nectar from these delicious flowers.

3. Piñita Roja.

This is one of the most fascinating plants you’ll see in the Amazon rainforest. It grows on stones (lithophytes) and even on other trees (epiphyte), which is why it doesn’t have a stem.

Its red and fleshy flower resembles a pineapple – hence the name. It needs a lot of light and high temperatures to thrive.

    4. Jacinto de Agua Común. 

    The Jacinto de Agua Común, or common water hyacinth, is a floating plant that is found in the Amazon River and its tributaries. This plant produces beautiful lavender flowers and is a favorite of many aquatic creatures, such as fish, turtles, and birds. The Jacinto de Agua Común is an important part of the ecosystem in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve and is a common sight during your Amazon River cruise.

    During the hot season, the plant bears purple spikes that closely resemble the hyacinths that grow on land. It’s considered one of the most invasive plant species.

      5. Mafafa Rosada.

      This species can also be found in gardens. It grows in open areas of the rainforest during the low-water season. Its leaves can reach up to 1/2 foot long and 1.5 feet wide.

      The leaves of this plant wither under direct sunlight.

      Learning about the Peruvian rainforest is hard work – scientists haven’t even fully identified all the flora and fauna in the Amazon yet!

      Come get to know this natural gem while enjoying a luxurious adventure on one of our cruises.

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