The Amazon is a region very fascinating and vast. We can find in it more animals, insects and plants than in any other region of the planet. With that said, travelers must know that it is advisable to bring certain things when coming here to make our journey an exceptional one. This is why we give you some things you should (and some you should not) bring to the Peruvian Amazon:

1. Clothes for the Jungle Loose Clothes: The Amazon Jungle has a very humid weather and it is best to use loose clothes so it can dry faster. Also, make sure it is made out of cotton, that way you won’t have a bad time due to heat. Pants and long sleeves shirts: Even though it is very hot in this place, when you cover your whole body you will avoid sun injuries and infinite mosquito bites that can happen. Shoes and socks: Remember to always pack extra socks with you, water will probably be everywhere. Also, it is important that you make sure you have rubber boots, in case of rains, mud, etc.

2. Hats and head accessories Hats: The sun can be a real problem if you do not take the prevention items you need, this is why you should always take with you a hat to protect yourself from the sun at all times. Hair rubber bands: For those who have long hair, a good advice would be that you tie it. Due to the intense heat, humidity can make it very annoying.

3. Personal hygiene items Repellent: It is important to bring insect repellent, due to the moist weather there exists a great amount of mosquitos in the area. A little repellent will help you have no problems during your visit. Sunscreen: It is fundamental to bring sunscreen to avoid sunburns. Remember that our excursions usually last several hours and it is best to be prepared. Hand sanitizer: Pack a little bottle of hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands in case of any inconvenience with the Jungle.

4. Gadgets and Accessories Binoculars: If you do not want to miss any detail of the Jungle, no matter how far it is, using binoculars might be your best ally. Plants, animals, insects, with them you will see everything. Memory and extra batteries: It will be impossible for you to find a charger in the middle of the expedition, this is why you should be prepared with extra batteries for your camera as well as extra memory cards, for there will be a lot of things to take pictures of. Hermetic bags: A hermetic bag is fundamental to keep your valuable items in (such as cellphones, money, etc.). This is due to de humidity of the Jungle, making it capable of ruining them. Sunglasses: For maximum protection,sunglasses are great. Your eyes will be fine and this will allow you to reduce the uncomfortable solar rays.

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