Types of tourism: Exploring Traditional Classifications

    In the fascinating world of tourism, variety is the spice that adds flavor to the travel experience. From relaxing getaways to thrilling adventures, each type of tourism offers a unique opportunity to explore, learn, and enjoy.

    Therefore, if you have ever stopped to consider the different activities that motivate travelers to embark on their journeys, join us as we explore the various classifications and new trends shaping the global tourism landscape!

    Tourism, more than just a recreational activity, is a vital economic engine that drives local and regional development worldwide. From cultural tourism to business tourism, each category offers a unique window into the richness and diversity of the world around us.

      Cultural Tourism

      This type of tourism, focuses on exploring the distinctive aspects of a society or social group, from its material and intellectual heritage to its spiritual traditions. In Peru, due to the richness of the Amazonian ethnicities and the shamanic aspect, this type of tourism is very appealing to tourists.

      Gastronomic Tourism

      Is there anything more delicious than exploring the world through its flavors? Food lovers travel to immerse themselves in the culinary delights of different regions, from fresh ingredients to traditional recipes passed down through generations.

      Therefore, at Jungle Experience, we serve traditional dishes from the Peruvian jungle with the freshest local ingredients and the best seasoning to provide a complete experience to those tourists dedicated to finding unique and diverse flavors in their travels.

      Religious or Spiritual Tourism

      Motivated by devotion and religious fervor, this type of tourism attracts those seeking to fulfill vows, promises, or simply seek spiritual benefits. Repeated visits to sacred places can create a unique connection and lasting devotion.

      Therefore, on our luxury cruises through the Amazon, we offer spiritual experiences such as tree planting ceremonies and experiences with shamans that contribute to an experience to connect with the spirituality of the jungle.

      Language Tourism

      Want to learn a new language while traveling? This type of tourism offers the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and master a foreign language. They are
      usually carried out by Latin Americans to English-speaking countries.

      Health or Wellness Tourism

      Need a break? Health and wellness destinations offer a perfect getaway to relax and rejuvenate, whether through therapeutic treatments or simply enjoying the serenity of a spa.

      Both the fresh air of the Amazon and enriching experiences in natural environments can be therapeutic, especially for stress reduction and clearing the mind from usual scenarios.

      Sports Tourism

      From marathons to world-class sporting events, this type of tourism attracts sports enthusiasts seeking thrills and challenges around the world.

      Theme Park Tourism

      The type of tourism dedicated to visiting iconic theme parks such as Disney World and other parks in Orlando, Florida.

        Business Tourism

        Whether attending conferences or closing business deals, business tourism is a fundamental part of the global economy.

        Sex Tourism

        For some travelers, tourism offers the opportunity to explore their desires and fantasies in destinations known for these practices.

        Exploring New Trends

        As travelers’ interests evolve, new trends emerge that are changing the way we experience tourism.

        Alternative Tourism

        With a focus on respectful interaction with nature and local communities, alternative tourism is gaining popularity among conscientious travelers. It is the approach we have in our explorations of the Amazon, respecting the environments and aligned with sustainability goals so that future travelers can enjoy this wonderful environment.


        For those seeking a closer experience with nature, ecotourism offers the opportunity to explore unique natural environments and learn about the importance of conservation. As the Amazon is one of the most diverse and striking ecosystems on the planet, it is highly recommended for this type of tourism.

        Adventure Tourism

        Adventure tourism offers exciting challenges in stunning natural environments. At Jungle Experience, we offer various experiences that contribute to this type of tourism, such as nighttime expeditions in search of caimans, walks on hanging bridges, and kayaking.

        Rural Tourism

        It allows you to immerse yourself in rural life and experience the hospitality and authenticity of local communities. In our luxury cruises through the Amazon, we include visits to indigenous communities, a unique experience that will allow you to learn about their culture
        and experiences.

          Forms of Eccentric Tourism

          In addition to the new tourism trends, there are tourism trends that, due to their high cost or fixation on specific aspects, represent unique experiences and are intended for certain special audiences.

          Space Tourism

          The opportunity to travel to space is a unique experience, although it is evident that it is not within reach of everyone. Currently, it is only possible to travel to the planet’s orbit, however, it is a dream experience for many millionaires.

          Dark Tourism

          This type of tourism has been labeled with various denominations, but we will focus on its most distinctive features, as it involves tourist activities related to stories of suffering or tragedy, which seek to generate extreme emotions in travelers. Some famous scenarios of this type of tourism can be “Chernobyl” or other devastated cities.


            It is tourism dedicated to visiting graveyards or cemeteries, whether for a paranormal background, historical, cultural interest, or a fixation on gloomy scenarios.

            Red Tourism

            This tourism approach aims to highlight the most outstanding places in the history of communist ideology, exploring their origins and evolution over the years. You can visit historical sites mainly in countries like China, Russia, and North Korea.


              There are many ways to do tourism, and just as new forms of tourism have emerged in recent decades, such as space tourism, there are forms of tourism that will endure for many years.

              In turn, at Jungle Experience, we offer a varied and interesting experience, full of emotions, allowing us to meet the needs of different types of tourists, from the most adventurous to those seeking a spiritual connection with nature and important cultural events.

              Discover the exclusive travel offers we have for you and start your travel experience today.

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