Tuning in with one-self

Self-knowledge is a journey of exploration that allows you to connect with your essence and nature, practice self-healing, which is the gift of healing the soul and body. Our health depends on this, since if we connect our energy with our spirit we can recover the happiness and fullness of our being.

It is important to take care of our self-esteem because it helps us recognize our abilities and talents, reduces anxiety and depression, and also allows us to build healthier interpersonal relationships. Jungle Experiences has created a self-healing travel experience in the Amazon, with Fabiola Dongo´s support, speaker and expert in self-help paths, who will accompany you in a healing process, providing you with the necessary tools through workshops. You will manage to stabilize the constant cycle of stress from day to day, you will explore your emotions and motivations, and you will enhance value in yourself.

Discover more about this spiritual and self-knowledge journey, aboard our luxury cruise ship, Zafiro. Learn more about this experience in this article.

There are signs that we must take into account, since the body usually lets us know in different ways that we need a break. Ignoring these signs can further aggravate the problem, which is why they must be addressed.

Here are some signs that you are being called to walk a spiritual journey of awakening:

  1. You feel lost in life
  2. You constantly ask yourself what your purpose is
  3. You feel that the mission you have in life is not yet revealed
  4. You experience episodes of melancholy, depression and existential crisis
  5. You have a hard time staying focused
  6. You are frequently in a bad mood
  7. Your health is deteriorating

How to start a healing journey

To start this journey requires time, patience and concentration. Some people seek and choose therapy to build this path of self-healing, while others set out for meditation and also embark on a spiritual journey that allows them to connect with themselves.

Get to know 5 steps to start walking towards this path:

Find your purpose

As professionals explain, there are several breathing and meditation methods to connect with your inner self and, this, be able to seek the path of happiness, our purposes and objectives.

Go at our own pace

We must remember that this is not easy and it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the avalanche of information when starting this spiritual journey. Go at our own pace, forging the patience to learn the details of this field of wisdom step by step.

Explore your powers

To activate our inner strength, the main thing is to know everything that happens in our mind, beyond the physical aspect. Our first power is energy, which is within us and has no limits or dimensions, just as feelings, emotions and dreams do not. The key is to trust that it is an invisible force, but that it exists.

Towards balance

Considering the times we live in, many people complain about the same thing: they can’t stop thinking and their mind never stops. In truth, they feel that ideas come and go, generating a constant internal tension. In return, Zen Psychotherapy proposes to focus attention on two fundamental aspects: stopping thought and achieving an objective view of the world around us.

Where to take a spiritual journey

Jungle Experiences Cruises offers you the best service aboard the Zafiro, a luxury cruise through the Amazon, and in it one of the most rewarding experiences. Explore on this journey of self-knowledg along this trip in the Amazon, with awareness sessions hosted by Fabiola Dongo, professional coach and speaker, ready to help you find yourself in this revealing adventure with workshops that allow you to integrate your past to look at your future and create the new and fresh for a fuller and happier life. Do you dare to be part of this experience?

How a spiritual life coach can help you on your journey

On this occasion, Fabiola Dongo Ilbert, speaker and expert in self-help paths, will accompany us for 5 days and 4 nights.

She studied marketing and an MBA in finance, spending 12 years in the corporate world. She reached a stage in her life where she decided to make a radical change to prioritize other aspects in her life.She discovered her taste for self-help books, so simple and effective that they changed the way she thought. She then began to practice the philosophy of Louise Hay in her life, obtaining good results from it.

She expanded her knowledge with Family Constellations, the latter revolutionized her experience and thus she found her passion in transferring this learning to other people.

Sharing these experiences and tools that help you heal yourself and find your center and inner peace, also serve to clarify your vision of your reality and thus walk enjoying the process of this magical and wonderful adventure called LIFE.

Join this self-healing journey in the heart of the Amazon, with Fabiola and Jungle Experiences, for 5 days and 4 nights, from November 19 to 23. Take advantage of a bonus 50% discount for the 2nd passenger on board.

For more information about our departures, contact us at:

Phone & Whatsapp Lima-Peru: +51 984 741 340 / +51 961 445 865
Toll free USA (305) 846 8361

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