An adventure familiar to the Peruvian Amazon is, in all cases, a transformative experience, makes us tighten bonds, feel closer to each other, and share unforgettable experiences. If you are planning your next family trip, read on!

Five unique family trip ideas to do in the Peruvian Amazon






1. Jungle treks for small and large explorers!

Walking through the jungle is an adventure full of discoveries: exotic plants and animals coexist around you forming a natural spectacle that amazes both adults and children.

The contagious curiosity of the children towards all the new things that surround them will turn the trip into an especially exciting experience: everything around them will become a magical discovery!

With the help of the naturalist guides of Jungle Experiences, parents and children can enter the mysterious heart of the jungle with total security. Through the eyes of our experienced guides, detecting exotic species around will be much simpler.

2. Weaving friendships in the heart of the jungle

Visiting the local communities of the Peruvian Amazon

Discovering new ways of life is especially extraordinary for the youngest members of the family.

Meeting the children of the communities and becoming friends with people of the same age and of such a different culture, is an experience that will open their eyes and heart.

The visit to the school will discover a whole new world—–a completely different way of living and learning.

3. Enjoy the views as a family

When the sun goes down, the whole family can enjoy the views of the Amazon from the comfort of the family suite. On board our cruises, you will find suites with views of the Amazon fully equipped to cater to the family trip. Our connected rooms are ideal for sharing the experience the ones you love the most!

Relaxing and admiring the spectacular sunset, which forms a ray of colors over the water of the Amazon, is an experience that both parents and children will enjoy.

4. Dances and fun on board!

If after a day of discovery the youngest still have energy, it will be time to dance with our crew! Discovering the traditional dances of the Amazon is a most exciting experience.

All the little ones on board will form a group where games and laughs will be very welcome! A time when dads and moms can enjoy the peace necessary for a moment of relaxation.

5. Challenges and recognitions for the most intrepid explorers.

Traveling to the Amazon is an experience of discoveries. The little ones will feel like authentic explorers! So much so that our naturalist guides have prepared a myriad of challenges that will test their adventurous instinct.

Providing a 100% safe experience, the guides will accompany the youngest ones in the most surprising discoveries: exotic species sightings, traditional cooking classes, dances and drawing … All the explorers on board will return home with their Small Explorer diploma!

Are you still looking for spring break destinations for your next family trip? Do not hesitate! The Peruvian Amazon has much to offer both children and adults. Check our next departures and embark now on a trip where fun, discovery and magic are assured.

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