To go into the Amazon aboard El ZafiroLa Perla or Amatista cruise by Jungle Experiences, is to discover the immensity of a land that stands out for its uniqueness, beauty and diversity.

    To explore Pacaya Samiria, one of the largest protected reserves in the world, is to walk through virgin natural wonders and discover the most amazing wildlife. The greatness of navigating the largest river in the world aboard one of our ships lies in the unprecedented and exquisiteness of a unique adventure– — one that is authentic and genuinely yours.

    What makes the experience on board our cruises so special?

    First, the Jungle Experiences cruises were created in order to take the traveler further by approaching virgin and unexplored places– -places which preserve every aspect of their original magic.

    On the other hand, the fact of traveling on a cruise that accommodates around 30 people facilitates a tailor-made
    experience. Getting to know all of our travelers on board allows our crew to personalize the trip for a new and
    authentic adventure.

    Everything in your Amazon cruise is designed so that you live an adventure full of discoveries, and new sensations: the excursions aboard our expedition boats will allow you to observe the wildlife very closely; the walks through the jungle will bring you closer to the magnificent species that inhabit the shores of the Amazon; getting to know the people that inhabit the local communities will bring you to discover new cultures– – new ways of life.

    It is you, along with those closest to you, who make all those experiences so special, so genuinely yours.

      Likewise, sharing the immensity of that experience with other travelers leads us to connect with people from all over the world. Experiencing and living the heart of the Amazon with around 30 people, allows the traveler to connect with each of these people. The bonds of friendship that are forged along the largest river in the world have are magical in themselves.

      In the same way, our crew on board establishes close and trustful relationships with our guests; facilitating comfort of each and every one of the people who embark on their cruise through the Amazon, and understanding the needs of each traveler by transmitting all of their passion for the jungle and everything that encompasses it.

      Chatting with our naturalist guides, people in love with the Amazon and with more than 20 years of experience in the jungle, is a beautiful way to connect with the history of an immense land– – discovering the species that inhabit it, with communities that distinctly cultivate their own ways of life and culture in the jungle.

      The facilities on board our cruises, also allow you to enjoy moments just for you. On board the Jungle Experiences cruises, you will find intimate moments for relaxation, rest, or simply observation. It is a unique opportunity to continue discovering the jungle without getting off the boat …. You just have to take a moment to breathe and … take it all in!

      For all these reasons, Jungle Experiences offers a genuine experience, characterized by the pleasure of discovering the Amazon in greater depth but, above all, in a more authentic and personalized way.

      For this, we offer the traveler three unique experiences: our luxury cruise, Zafiro– – an exquisite experience that will allow you to explore the jungle enjoying the most complete facilities; our adventure cruise, La Perla– – a journey of discovery and adventure; Amatista– – an experience that will make you feel like an authentic explorer navigating through the jungle. On board these cruises you will enjoy the wonders of the Amazon without giving up all the comforts on board.

      Which cruise best fits you? Check our next departures and embark on your Amazon experience.

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