Family trips are very special and can be even more memorable if you choose as a destination the Peruvian Amazon. The Amazonian Jungle is a wonderful and a much unexpected place, which makes it very necessary to be well prepared when going on an excursion to know it. In order to make an expedition it is necessary that children have the proper clothes and shoes. It is important that they feel comfortable and above all, secure about what they could find in the Jungle.

This is mostly because we will walk through a wonderful territory, but it is also unknown to those who have not come before. The Amazon’s climate is tropical, with a temperature that can go from 21°C (79°F) up to 32° (90°F). Because of this, it is important to have light, fresh and water proofed clothing, preferable long sleeve items. Heat could generate discomfort in children, but still, we don’t recommend the use of flip flops for this might leave them exposed to being hurt with tree branches or something they could step on while walking.

Children have skin that is more sensible than an adult’s one, for which it is necessary to apply sunscreen every two hours and for them to count with a hat.

They should also have mosquito repellant that contains DEET, which guarantees a stronger protection from stings. Dizziness is not very common when navigating through the Amazon, mainly because of its tranquil waters, but we have a paramedic that accompanies all passengers at all times and can be found in the ship.

In addition, our crew is always informed about the meteorological condition of the area. On the other side, Jungle Experiences requests that all excursions must be realize only by our naturalist guides. Our guides are from the area and have many years of experience and knowledge and are always making sure all passengers are safe, especially children. They will give you instructions when necessary during expeditions.

It is good to mention that there is no need to get vaccinated when travelling to the specific areas of the Peruvian Jungle we will be visiting. If your child is allergic, we recommend you to consult your doctor and to let our crew know about it immediately.

Follow these instructions so the only thing left for you to do is to have fun and enjoy the wonderful experience the Amazonian Jungle offers you and your family. You will be able to know wild animals that don’t exist in any other region of the world, plus a great amount of insects and birds. It will definitely be an unforgettable family journey and your children will be amazed with all of the activities we have prepared for them in every one of our itineraries.

In order to do that, Jungle Experiences offers you the opportunity to do family trips through the Amazon as you’ve never had before: on board of a cruise with all of the commodities you could imagine. Spend your evenings contemplating the immensity of the great river and enjoy morning and night strolls through the Jungle.

If you wish to know more about the different offers we have, contact our luxury tral advisors at

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